November 13, 2007

Purls of Wisdom – moved

Posted in Journal tagged , , at 5:43 pm by Jenn

The yarn shops here are SMALL. They are about the size of a bathroom in the states….about 8×8 maybe. You go in and the shop is divided in half, in the front half there is the yarn selection displayed on the walls, doors and from the ceiling, literally handing by a thread. Then you have a counter with the shop owner or clerk behind and all of the yarn the shop has in stock. I haven’t purchased anything yet (I’m still trying to get over the language barrier). They seem to have a large selection of the fancy yarns and very basic colors of wool. I’m not that good at knowing my yarns yet, but it seems like I will do better ordering online for now. 

I’m busy working on Christmas gifts right now. I’ve got one super top secret gift in the works and one waiting to come in the mail.  I’d like to finish my socks at some point. I just can’t seem to get motivated to finish that second sock. I think I will learn the “knit both at the same time” method so that I don’t lose momentum next time.

I found some nice pattern books at the store over the weekend. I bought them of course….they are in Russian. Something else to work on translating. The designs are nice. There is a beautiful sweater that I’d like to tackle. So you see, I’ve got plenty going on in the craft department to keep me busy.


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