November 20, 2007

Party Mix

Posted in What's for Dinner tagged , , at 7:05 pm by Jenn

Well here we are, two days before Thanksgiving.  I woke up this morning ready to tackle my To-Do list.  I’d had it planned since last week.  Today I was going to make the dough for the rolls, make the corn bread, prep the sweet potatoes and make the party mix.  It took me a while to get going, you know…General Hospital, Dr. Phil (what alien has invaded his body), Oprah, the usual routine.  I finally decided that I would start with the party mix and get that out of the way.  If I did it first I’d be able to snack on it while I did all the other items on the To-Do list.

So I started the party mix and decided to grab a quick shower.  You stir it every 15 minutes so this was plenty of time as I said for a quick shower.  I get in the shower, wash, get out of the shower,dry off, get dressed, and then in the middle of brushing my teeth, my senses told me something wasn’t right…I smelled burning party mix.  I ran in to the kitchen opened the oven, grabbed the spatula and gave the party mix a stir….YEP, burned.  Now for my immediate family’s entertainment, I’m not talking “Yum, Fooie burned the party mix” burned….I’m talking CHARCOAL BRIQUETTE  burned, SMOKING burned, WORSE THAN MICROWAVE POPCORN SMELL burned.  I was mad, but what could I do….Start Over.  This time I’m going to watch it like a HAWK. 

 Round 2.  Temperature is at 250, party mix is in…ok, I’ll check in 10 minutes this time (last time it was 17 – so maybe the extra two minutes was too much).  Ten minutes elapse, I go to the kitchen….%*&$# BURNED again!   This time I am really mad.  I can’t figure out what is going on.  Then my eyes catch the temperature….425, that’s right….425F inside the oven and 100C on the dial…that’s right it doesn’t add up. 

 In a panic I call Natasha from the property management office.  I tell her my oven is broken, it’s 2 days before Thanksgiving, I”m cooking dinner for 10 people and I need someone to come over right away.  The electricians arrive to check things out and tell me that it is working fine now.  I tell them, that it was working fine yesterday too, but that something strange happened and that I needed an oven that worked for Thanksgiving.

To make a long story short (too late for that), there were no ovens to “fit” in my kitchen in the warehouse.  They could send a specialist to look at the oven on Friday (yes, that’s right the day after Thanksgiving.  Well, Scott had already decided that we were having a new stove, and we are…it will be installed tomorrow. 

Ah, tomorrow…the day of pies (pumpkin, apple, pecan), green bean casserole, cornbread, rolls, sweet potatoes, pepe salad (frog eye), maybe pumpkin bread and of course the usual suspects, General Hospital, Dr. Phil, and Oprah. 

In the meantime I’ve asked Scott to poll our guests to see how they prefer their turkey, burned or raw…just in case.

Is someone playing a sick joke on me?  This apartment is literally falling apart around me.  I got a new washing machine last week and maintenance was already  coming tomorrow for electrical issues.  




  1. novelist10 said,

    I am so sorry. I feel your pain. 3 pans of botched cornbread later, I called in my friends to help my with absent-mindedness. Weird how it is that my oven is Maybe 2 months old since the old one died…

  2. sjsmart said,

    I’m going to definitely say my prayers and sleep with all digits crossed tonight.

  3. Mom said,

    Thank goodness for Scott and his ability to get things done when needed. We did the Martha Stewart turkey with cheesecloth and butter and broth. It was great-onlt problem is that you have to baste every 30 minutes. But it was gorgeous and nice and juicy. i may have found a new way. If the bird weighs 20 pounds it may still be done the old way. Check out turkey 101 Mom

  4. sjsmart said,

    Martha’s way sounds interesting. I may have to give this a try for Christmas.

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