November 30, 2007

Student becomes the teacher

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The great thing about living in another country is that you have the opportunity to teach as well as be taught.

I’m taking Russian classes twice a week.  I thought I would be further along by now, but it is a very hard language to learn.  Lots of rules to remember.

The word for tea in Russian is Чай, pronounced Chai.  This led me to ask what they call Chai and I was informed that chai was tea.  We went back and forth for a few minutes and I realized that she wasn’t aware that there was a type of tea called Chai.  I explained to her that Chai was a flavor of tea like orange, jasmine or ginger.

This weekend while I was in Poland I visited a quaint little tea shop and purchased several terrific teas including one bag of Chai for my instructor.  I presented her with her gift today and she was thrilled.  I am curious to hear how she likes it.


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  1. caritahill said,

    Heya… I’m an Aussie living in Mexico, and while I’m learning about the culture here and trying to improve my Spanish, I too have been teaching ‘through tea’…! It’s such an oddity here, that my nightly green tea ritual or my morning cuppa with the girls has provoked many a cultural interchange… luckily though for me, chai tea here is just called té chai. Good on you, and keep up the Russian, you’ll get there!

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