December 3, 2007

It’s Genetic

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This weekend it became official.  I am my grandmother’s granddaughter, my mother’s daughter and my sister’s sister after-all.  I have it, I’ve been trying to deny it, but I have it….THE KNITTING GENE!

It all started with a harmless little search for a yarn swap.  That search led to enrolling in not one, but 3 yarn swaps.  Not just three yarn swaps, but waiting to get assigned my buddy in the first yarn swap so that I can sign up for a 4th at Pick up Sticks and order yarn for my buddy in the first yarn swap at the same time.  Are you still with me?

Then I thought, “It would be fun to dye my own yarn”, so I ordered a yarn dying kit, some undyed yarn and a book on how to make it happen.

As if that wasn’t enough, I found a really awesome yarn subscription that had closed.  I was disappointed, but thought I would take a chance and email to see if by chance I could still join.  I’ll be getting 4 new skeins of sock yarn this month and then 3 more (one in Jan, Feb and March).  Thank you Carrie!

And, yes there is more.  There are only 7381 people ahead of me in line to join Ravelry!  I’m number 64,317 on the list….apparently MANY people have this knitting gene.

And last but not least these words escaped my lips today.  “I think I’m going to host a yarn swap”.  Stay tuned on this one. 

Spinning also crossed my mind, but I think I’ll wait to get back to the states for that otherwise Scott is going to need to get another promotion so that our HHG (house hold goods) weight limit is increased.   The military pays to move us only up to a certain weight, everything over that weight we pay for. 

Other big news on the knitting front, I finished one of the two Christmas gifts this weekend.  Unfortunately, not the one on the size 10 needles.  I guess maybe I’ll tackle those fingerless mittens until project #2 is complete.

What are some good plant fiber yarn materials?  Any suggestions?  Heather? Mom?  I’ve got bamboo, soy, corn and hemp.



  1. Heather said,

    Wahoo! You’ve got it, you’ve got it! I love it!

    I’m really happy to hear you got into the Potters Covers! The colors are really wonderful. I’m knitting the first skein up – Sorcerer’s Stone, and it’s really great to work with – the dye job is FANTASTIC!

    Hey, if you start dyeing, maybe I’ll send my undeyed to you to dye for me! :O)

    What about cotton for plant-fiber-y goodness? I also love, love, love bamboo, and tencel is also supposed to be a wood derivative, somehow. Seacell/seaweed is lovely, too!


  2. Mom said,

    I bought some seacell at the knitters convention that I am anxious to work with, It is like tofutsi(?spelling)in that it has chitin from shrimp and crab shells and is a natural antibacterial. I would think good for the feet. Tofutsies is wool, soysilk,cotton and chitin. The lady I bought my seacell from is from Trinidad and all her colors were island and water!!!! I wonder if your stash will be as large as Heathers soon. You saw what Grammy’s’ closet looked like!

  3. sjsmart said,

    Seacell is supposed to be really nice. I’m anxious to try it and hoping one of my “partners” might send me some….if not, I’m going to host a natural fiber swap (I think) in the spring and that will be one of the required fibers.

    Heather I think will be able to win the contest, I don’t think my marriage would survive a true “stash” unless of course it were neatly stowed in a rubbermaid (or three).

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