December 4, 2007

Houston we have a problem…

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So there I was knitting away on my holiday project when I heard a funny snap.  I didn’t pay much attention to it until I got to the end of the row and I was holding only the point of my circular needle in my right hand.  That’s right, my needle broke.  The cord separated from the point.  It really took me by surprise.  These weren’t cheap needles.  I sat there for a minute and then surveyed the damage, I’d only lost about 20 stitches from the cord and it looked like I would be able to salvage it.  I gently installed a scrap piece of yarn to hold the stitches while I decided what I was going to do about the needle.  I’d read a horror story about someone trying to repair their needles with Super Glue so I opted against that.  Besides, I don’t even think they have Super Glue in Belarus.  The only thing I could think to use was tape.  So I taped it.  I was able to get all the stitches back on the needle and knit one more row before that “fix” gave out.

Since I’m fairly new to knitting I don’t have another set of needles this same size so I’m stuck until my new needles get here.  It figures, nothing like putting the crunch on me for the holidays.  Did I mention that the project has 128 rows and I am on row 40?  It will be at least 2 weeks if not 3 before the new needles arrive because of the APO mail system from the states so…tis the season.

On a brighter note, I emailed the company and they are sending me a new set of needles and want me to return the broken ones so that they can determine if they are the ‘old’ needles that they knew had a 5% failure rate.  I also ordered a new set of needles in a different brand so the upside is that I will now have a back up set in this size.

Now, I can’t work on the poncho and I can’t work on the Christmas project so I am working on some little handmade gifts for all these swaps I joined. 


Living in Belarus

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I know, I said the same thing; Belarus is located in Eastern Europe between Russia and Poland. Belarus gained it’s independence in 1991, with the fall of the Soviet Union. Perhaps the most significant historical facts are that over 30% of the population perished during WW2 and that most of impact from Chernobyl occurred in Belarus. Today the population of Belarus is about 10 million with a large number living in Minsk, the capital city.


Minsk is a clean and safe city and I am comfortable walking my dog alone late at night. There are a lot of cultural activities (sports, theater, museums) for entertainment. The language barrier makes going to the movies difficult, and there are no newspapers or magazines in English. Though sometimes it is fun to peek at the gossip magazines and try to figure out what is going on. Are you familiar with the Cyrillic alphabet?

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I did it!  I found another swap to join.  This one sounds perfect for me living in Belarus….it’s the Hot Cocoa Swap.  Pop over and check it out.  If your interested in joining let them know you heard about it here!

Come on!  Where’s your sense of adventure?

I had a great time today shopping for my partner in the Silver/Grey swap.  She and I have the same birthday, isn’t that neat!  This is my first “swap”, so I am SO excited.  I can’t wait to see what she has in store for me. 

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