December 5, 2007

Blog cleaning

Posted in Journal, Max's World at 2:17 pm by Jenn

I’m reorganizing the blog today so some things have changed and in the process I’ve had to move a few things around to preserve some posts. 

This was originally posted on November 13th by me Max has since had his second haircut, by the same lady and he loved it just as much.  The down side of haircuts here is that he doesn’t get a fancy bandana to wear post cut.

Here is the original post.

This is Max’s first haircut in Belarus.  A very nice lady came to our aparment, gave Max a wonderful haircut and charged only $15 USD.  This woman raises Gordon Setters and said that Max definitely has Gordon Setter in addition to the Spaniel.  She thought he was very handsome and he loved her.  He even took a little nap while she trimmed his feet.

Max loves the snow.  He had never expereinced snow before moving to Belarus.  He loves to run and slide and just romp around.  Good thing he likes it because it is here until April.  The people look at him like he is a maniac…which he is. He has his coat (sometimes boots) and is barking and running and jumping, just having a great time in the snow.


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  1. Olgajazzy said,

    Omg, that is so amazing to find your blog.. too funny, my hair dresser, who is a high class master took 6-10$ per a half an hour fashion haircut. Too bad she lives in Borisov though… i miss me a good hair stylist here in DC.

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