December 6, 2007

Fashion Fastlane – Design Challenge

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I was surfing around online (as usual) and came across Fashion Fastlane – Design Challenge .  This is perhaps the neatest thing I’ve seen online in a while.  You design an outfit (or outfits) and people can vote on them.  Ok, I know it’s a little “13” but common…you know you want to try it!

My first outfit is #21347!  You can search for it under Find an Outfit and vote. 

Design your outfit and leave me a comment with the outfit number and I will check it out!



  1. Ruth said,

    Okay. That’s WAY too addictive!
    I tried finding your outfit but the site didn’t seem to recognize my number keys. Weird!

  2. sjsmart said,

    I had trouble navigating around to find other outfits too! I’m embarrassed to say how many “outfits” I’ve designed. I’m on my “winter” wardrobe now.

  3. Ruth said,

    I’m sure the site doesn’t include warm enough outfits for Minsk!

  4. sjsmart said,

    You’re right about that, although I’m not going to complain about the weather right now. We’ve had a few days of no snow and I can actually see the grass so I’m happy.

  5. notgoth said,

    LOL that site is addictive. How do you find these things?

  6. sjsmart said,

    I have WAY to much time on my hands!

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