December 9, 2007

New Year’s Resolution

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My New Year’s Resolution is to treat my body better by establishing a regular work out routine and sticking with it.  My goal is to get to 125# by my 39th birthday. 

When Scott and I moved to Belarus we joined a local gym.  Of course Scott has been going on a regular basis and I have not.  In fact, I have gone twice; once for a massage back in October and once yesterday. 

I met a couple of girls (women) at a party of Friday night who attend the same gym we joined.  They talked me in to attending this class called “Pump It Up”….yeah I know.  I’m sure it is the same as “Body Pump” which is offered in the states.  I accepted the invitation.  The class lasted an hour, it was hard and made me work up a sweat.  I really enjoyed it, my body on the other hand is really hating me today.  I should have known to take it easy my first time back.  I also should have known from watching several friends back in the states attempt to walk and do basic ADL’s (activities of daily living) following these classes.  Needless to say, “Pump It Up” was a true experience, not only was it in Russian, (thank goodness I know my numbers) but it really made me realize just how out of shape I am. 

The funny thing is that at another party last night (tis the season) I met another woman who attends this gym on a regular basis.  She invited me to attend “Sculpt” and “For Men Only”….”Sculpt” maybe, “For Men Only”, maybe in 6 months when I’ve toned up a bit.  I don’t want to kill myself right away.  I think some water aerobics and “Pump It Up” will be good for now.  There were two instructors a male and a female.  I’ve never seen so many muscles on such a small woman in all my life.  She was muscle and bone, that was it. I don’t need to look like that, muscle, bone and average body fat would be great.

The women in this country are all in really good shape (for the most part).  They walk EVERYWHERE and they really watch what they eat.   They are true role models for portion control.

Speaking of food, Scott and I are off to the grocery store.  We’re having cabbage rolls and mashed potatoes for dinner.  One of my Belarussian favorites!



  1. Ruth said,

    Wow – exercise class in Russian – that’s awesome. Good for you! How do you say “Pump it up” in Russian?

  2. sjsmart said,


    I have no idea how to say “Pump it up” in Russian. It’s written on the board in English. I’ll try to figure it out this week. I’m sure it is much more advanced than my limited vocabulary.

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