December 27, 2007

Angel tree

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Today was one of the best “feeling” days I’ve had in a while.  I received an email message a few weeks ago about an “Angel Tree” at Scott’s office.  I asked him to pick a name for us to be angels for. 

Today I (along with two of Scott’s co-workers) went shopping for our person – Nastia.  There were no wants and likes on the paper and our Nastia is 14 years old.  We had no idea what to buy for a 14 year old Belarussian girl so we opted for practical, boots, winter coat and sweaters (and lip gloss – every 14 year old girl needs lip gloss).  

I didn’t think about a picture until the box was wrapped, but I am so happy with the gifts and hope that they bring a smile to her face.   The jacket was black, medium length, down filled with a fur trimmed hood and cuffs.  The sweaters were cute, one zipper, one turtle neck and one with a hood.  The boots were black, square heeled (sorry no stilettos Nastia) and a nice warm fur lining.

The gifts will be delivered early next week as many Belarussians are Orthodox and Christmas is celebrated on January 7th.  It is always a good feeling to help someone less fortunate, especially a child.  I’d like to add the “Angel Tree” to my list of Christmas traditions.



  1. Mom said,

    Dad’s family adopted a family in the area-I would have loved to be there on Christmas morning. We all had a great time shopping and we all felt great after we had delivered our things. Sounds like your girl will have a good Christmas.

  2. Ruth said,

    Sounds lovely, Jenn. Good work!!

  3. notgoth said,

    This is lovely and truly what Christmas is about. I was inspired to do similar for a lady at an old folks home near us. She had listed toiletries, a bath robe and supermarket gift cards on her wish list. It made me sad that such simple things were thought as luxuries for her. We should treat old folks and kiddies better.

  4. sjsmart said,

    You know, I’ve never thought about doing this for Nursing Home patients. That is an excellent idea. I absolutely loved working in a Nursing Home. Old people have such great stories! Next year I think we’ll add some older people to the tree as well.

    Great idea – Thank you.

  5. Ruth said,

    Yes, NG – great idea. How did you find out that the Nursing Home had this opportunity available? I’d like to find someone elderly to “adopt” in this way. . . . oh, except my amnesty letters still haven’t been mailed yet & my soldier care packages haven’t been sent off. Drat! Why do I over extend?

    Oh, sorry, Jenn. 🙂 I’ll take this self-punishing-rant over to my own page. xoxx

  6. notgoth said,

    It wasn’t my idea at all.. it was just circumstances. I was in the mall near my home and there was a stall with a Christmas tree with all these labels on it – for people from local nursing homes. It said their name and then a few items that they wanted. The lady working the stall said you just take one, buy some or all of the items listed and then return it to the mall and put it in the box they had. I chose a lady who had the same name as my great grandmother.

    Its really hard to commit to all these things Ruth – I completely understand. I have been trying to commit one evening a week to such things but more about that on my blog later – we’ve turned poor Jenn’s into a forum! lol

  7. sjsmart said,

    Let loose, I don’t mind.

    I’m making a list tonight of all my unfinished projects and hope to begin knocking them out one by one, starting with completing my ADA portfolio before I end up losing something (we have to log all of our continuing education and mine is just stuffed in to a large binder right now).

  8. notgoth said,

    My friend used to belong to a group that would meet once a month and discuss their goals/projects and what they needed to accomplish to get their goals done. I wonder if we could do something like this on line?

  9. sjsmart said,

    We could give it a shot. Although that would be one more thing on the to do list. : )

  10. Ruth said,

    LOL! Indeed.

    Seriously, though, you two (and the 30voices) already inspire me to “goal set” & “goal track” in new and improved ways.

  11. I happened upon your site due to my interest in Belarus. I am involved in a humanitarian organization (Canadian Aid for Chernobyl) that delivers aid to the areas of Belarus most affected by the 1986 Chernobyl disaster. I have been to Belarus twice and will return this spring to deliver aid, our organization has delivered over $25 million in aid in over 100 shipping containers since 1998. Here is a link to my blog and specifically to a page listing my video blogs from my first trip.

    I thought you may find it interesting to see how the rural people live, especially those in the areas affected by radiation over 20 years after the disaster.

    Here is a link to our organizations website:

    Thank you for sponsoring that 14 year old child … every individual act of kindness adds up and together we will all continue to make a difference in this world.

    Eric McKenzie
    Director of Communications
    Canadian Aid for Chernobyl

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