December 30, 2007


Posted in Jenn, Belarus at 5:12 pm by Jenn

It has been two weeks since I’ve posted and I honestly don’t have a reason except for laziness. Until this afternoon I thought I wouldn’t be posting for another week or so, but something struck me today and I feel the need to put it down while it’s fresh.

I was standing in the LONG line at the grocery store today and I just started thinking about the year that is coming to a close and reflecting. Reflecting about what I’ve decided has been the most stressful of my 38 1/2 years.

Here’s a recap:

January 2007 – Scott returns from Iraq. Scott’s birthday. Homecoming celebration/promotion/birthday party for Scott.

February 2007 – Scott’s on leave and home all day. Plans for overseas begin.

March 2007 – A pipe under the kitchen sink breaks and our house floods. R&R in Mexico. Visit the in-laws in Ohio over St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

April 2007 – Visit my family in Maryland over Dad’s birthday weekend. Scott sells his boat.

May 2007 – Scott left for Virginia for 8 weeks of school in Quantico, Va. Visit to Ob/Gyn regarding irregular menstrual cycles. Referred for Mammogram and Ultrasound. Ultrasound shows mass on left breast.

June 2007 – My birthday (alone because Scott is at school in Quantico). Poked and prodded by every breast surgeon in Eastern North Carolina – 3 Mammograms, 2 Ultrasounds, 1 MRI and countless referrals I’m off to Chapel Hill. Scott still doesn’t know. I elect not to tell him so he can stay focused on his schooling. We decided to sell our house rather than rent while we’re overseas. I put it on the market June 17th.

July 2007 – Chapel Hill, NC, 350 miles and 2.5 hours each way. After 3 visits I tell them that I’m running out of time. I’m supposed to be leaving the country. I’m tired of being poked and prodded and not knowing if I have cancer. They want to biopsy the mass. I refuse. I tell them that I want it out. After several very heated conversations they agree to remove the mass. I tell Scott. Surgery is scheduled for July 17th, Scott can’t come home. A girl from my office volunteers to take me. I gladly accept. On the way home from surgery I call home to tell my family that the surgery went well, I’m told my Grammy died that morning. Two days later, pathology results – benign! AMEN!

August 2007 – My last day of work is August 17th. House sells.

September 2007 – Movers pack our stuff in 3 separate shipments (storage, express and household goods). We say goodbye to our friends and leave NC heading for MD. I stop to use restroom at McDonald’s in Sneads Ferry, NC. I have on a SnowValley Farm Vineyard T-shirt. A woman and her daughter are staring at me. They ask if I’ve ever been to the vineyard. I say, “Yes, many times. It is just down the road from where my Grammy used to live.” They ask who my grammy is, I tell them, they know her! In SNEADS FERRY, NC I run in to someone from SOUTH HERO, VT who knows my Grammy! Scott and I spend a few days with my parents and they drive us to the airport. We leave for Belarus on September 11, 2007. Grammy’s funeral is September 15th, I miss it.

October 2007 – Adjusting to Belarus.

November 2007 – 20th class reunion which I’m not able to attend. Thanksgiving away from family and friends.

December 2007 – Christmas away from family and friends. Short, dark, sunshine-less days.

So, there you have it. The short version. Of course I only highlighted the stressful moments, there were a lot of good things in 2007 too! Jenn, 38, Belarus



  1. notgoth said,

    I hope that 2008 brings you and scott – good health and happiness.

  2. sagespot said,

    I agree with NotGoth and am wishing you happy days (although less sunlight allowed *grin*) in 2008.

  3. Ruth said,

    Jenn, you are amazing! Sincerely.

    Recently, via these blogs, I’ve become acquainted with women (you “know them”) whose husbands’ work requires them to be out of the house for extended periods. You all display evidence of such strength. Coping with your medical trials while protecting Scott from the stress shows me how loving and tough (for lack of a better word) you are. You remind me that there are spouses all over the world remaining brave for a greater good.

    Your post here reminds me how grateful I am to be in contact with this inspiring group of women. You’ve all been a big plus in my 2007. (Thanks Erica. xoxx)

  4. sjsmart said,

    Thank you all for the well wishes! Cheers to the new year!

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