January 1, 2008

Mission Accomplished

Posted in Journal, Purls of Wisdom tagged , , , at 3:22 am by Jenn

I have my first FO (finished object – for my nonknitter readers).   Actually not my first ever FO, but my first to wear in public by me FO.  I worked long hours on December 30th and 31st so that I would be able to wear my poncho out to a party on New Year’s Eve. 

Scott was really surprised that it turned out so well.  A neighbor was amazed that I had finished it so quickly.  I don’t think quickly is the most accurate description.  I mean I worked on it for 6 hours on Sunday and another 3 on Monday.  It took FOREVER to weave in all the loose ends.  Not my favorite part by any means. 

I wore black jeans, black turtle neck and my poncho.  I was comfortable and warm and got many compliments!  Here’s the picture.  I wish I had the 18″ Slane and Slane oval link.  It would look so much better with this outfit.  Maybe for Valentine’s Day?




  1. Mom said,

    It is really pretty and the colors are wonderful. I am anxious to see all the defferent yarns that are in the poncho. I started Ms. Cruz clapotis the Zac will give her at the end of the year. it is with yarn from Brooks farm-mohair and wool-in oranges, reds, yellowy golds and a touch of lavendar. Really pretty-it is the pattern that you drop stitches-can’t wait! My shawl will take a back seat again.

  2. sjsmart said,

    Dropping stitches is only good if you do it intentionally! I seem to always realize I’ve done it once I’ve move up several rows. FRUSTRATING!

  3. notgoth said,

    you look so pretty in your poncho – congrats on finishing it. That must be very satisfying.

  4. Ruth said,

    Jenn, your poncho is GORGEOUS! And you look absolutely beautiful! I hope you had a great time at the party.
    Happy New Year.
    oxx Ruth

  5. sjsmart said,

    Thank you both for the compliments! I was so glad to have it finished to wear for the party.

    The party was a lot of fun. I’m going to blog about that experience now!

  6. Nadine said,

    Nice work Jenn!

  7. Jenny said,

    My name is Jenny and my husband and I have visited Minsk 3 times, we love it. My husband and I recently split in October 07 but we love Belarus.

    How come you are working there?

  8. sjsmart said,

    Thank you Nadine.

    Jenny – Thank you for commenting on my blog.

    Minsk is a nice city. I can’t wait to explore it more when the weather warms up.

    I accompanied my husband here for his work. I am not working.

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