January 2, 2008

New Year’s Eve in Belarus

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Scott and I attended a party at a friends apartment for New Year’s Eve.  We took Scott’s traditional New Year’s dish of sauerkraut and sausage and arrived about 9pm,  There were only a handful of people there when we arrived which I was thankful for.  I like getting places early and claiming my “spot”.  

Everyone takes their shoes off here because it is so dirty/slushy/mucky outside and I forgot my slippers so my feet were a little cold unless I was standing in the kitchen.  One cool thing about some of the apartments here is that the floors are heated.  The kitchen floor was heated so I claimed my spot in a cozy little corner near the chips and salsa ( a luxury to find in Lithuania).   There was SO MUCH food.   There were veggies and all types of salad, and draniki.  Draniki is basically a potato pancake that you top with sour cream.  I tried them.  It was just Ok.  Now everyone raves about these things so maybe this was a bum batch I don’t know, but I wasn’t overly crazy about them.  I will try them again though to compare.

The city put on several fireworks displays around Minsk.  There was one nearby and most of the party goers left to see them.  I not liking the cold opted to stay at the apartment and actually had a pretty good view of them over the KGB building.

The Belarusian president addresses the country every New Year’s Eve and it is televised.  The address lasted maybe 10 minutes.  Now my Russian is very poor, but we had plenty of locals there to translate and basically what he said in a nutshell was that the United States needs to mind their business and leave his country alone.  One thing that I found the most interesting during this address is that the Americans at the party were the ones gathered around the television listening to the address.  The Belarusians were partying their assess off, lighting sparklers having a good ole time!

Another thing that I found interesting was the sparklers indoors.  I’m not sure if that was happening all over Belarus, but it was definitely happening where we were.  I just kept thinking, I’m glad this isn’t my house.     



  1. Heather said,

    Sounds like a cool night. I’d be thankful I wasn’t there to see the indoor sparklers, either! Sheesh!


  2. Mom said,

    New Years eve is fire works no matter where you are!!!!I just noticed the temperature there at 6 am-12 degrees F. You will be having a brisk walk with Max this morning. It is about 20 here at 11 PM.

  3. sjsmart said,

    My down coat came in this weeks mail. I’m ready for temps to -40F. Thank God for Land’s End.

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