January 16, 2008

My Long Lost Owl

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My Potter Cover yarns are here.  For those of you who read my blog regularly I am a Harry Potter geek if you haven’t figured that out yet.  I love everything “Potter”.  So of course when I heard about these yarns hand dyed in the colors of the Potter Series book covers I had to have them!  I entered the club a little late so this shipment brought me up to date with the rest of the members.  This shipment contained (picture left to right, Sorcerer’s Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Prizoner of Azkaban (PoA) and Goblet of Fire.  Also included were four sock patterns with very cool names: Hedwig, the First Task, Heir of Slytherin and Sirius Black.  I was thrilled given my new found sock knitting fetish.  The yarns are fingering weight 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon with the exception of PoA which is 60% superwash wool, 30% bamboo and remainder nylon.  I think I am going to do the Sirius Black pattern first, as it uses the bamboo yarn and I’ve never knit with bamboo!  Thank you Carrie for putting together such an awesome club!


  1. Heather said,

    I do believe some of yours look different from mine! How’d that happen?? My Goblet of Fire is much different than that – big chunks of color, like the POA!!


  2. wineymomma said,

    My gosh! I think I am having yarn envy. aarrrghgghh. I needs needs needs those yarns! Lullibell would love this. She has been a Potter fan since she was 3 and loves all things knit!

  3. Mom said,

    Whodda thunk Harry would be such a big part of our lives-and no I haven’t read the last book yet!!!!!

  4. 1120kat said,

    Those are gorgeous!! I’m excited to see what the socks will end up looking like 🙂

  5. not goth said,

    I am not a knitter but I love Potter. 😀 I am curious to know how the bamboo comes out – that’s environmentally friendly socks you’ll be making!

  6. Ruth said,

    “Yarn envy” is right. I just read your post & thought, “Jenn, can I trade lives with you?” . . . that’s not to disparage against my lovely Andy & Lilster, nor my parents, brother & his spawn (who I would give my limbs for) . . . it’s just to say, [think Willy Wonka’s Veruca Salt] I Want to collect yarn and learn to knit!!!!

    On up notes – (a) I’m so happy for you & I can’t wait to see what you knit with these fab yarns & (b) I still have the last book on my shelf only 60 pages read . . . saving it for a rainy day. Shh, no spoilers!

  7. Nadine said,

    Mmmm.. all these pictures of knitted socks and lovely yarn is making me want to learn knitting as well! I’ve crocheted a few baby blankets in my time but that’s about it! And I’m feeling a real artistic void in my life.

  8. sjsmart said,

    Heather – I’d love to see your yarns. Take pictures and post them to your blog.

    Mom and Ruth – The last book is wonderful. I won’t spoil it.

    NG – I’m excited about using the bamboo yarn. My sister had some and it felt wonderful. I can’t wait to see how they feel under my feet. I think I may even have to invest in a pair of stilettos to show of all my new socks! Just joking.

    Nadine – let me know if you try that knitting site that I emailed to you.

    Winey – any luck with the yarn?

    1120kat – please do not hold your breathe! Though I do promise to post pictures when they are finished. It took me 7 months to knit the last pair! I won’t guarantee, but I can almost say with certainty, that I will have at least one done by the end of February! : )

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