January 23, 2008

Mir Castle

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Today was a tourist day!  These have been few and far between since arriving in Minsk.  A group of us went to мир замок (Mir Castle), about 60 miles from Belarus, toward Poland. 

 Mir Castle has been in various stages of construction since the late 15th Century.  It was badly damaged in 1813 during the Napoleonic era and sustained heavy damage again during WW2.  The original architecture was Gothic, but now includes Renaissance and Baroque styles.   Mir castle is shaped like a square with towers at each corner and one in the front center.  The Palace (living quarters) of the castle are currently being renovated so we were unable to see that portion (the palace runs along the left side and is 3 stories tall), but we were able to see the prison, and the military tower.    If you are looking at the front of the castle we toured the tower to the right.  The stairs were so steep and the stairwells were very narrow.   There was a beautiful church on the castle grounds, it was actually a burial place for 6 of the castle owners family.   Here are a few pictures of the day.

dscf0123-2.jpg  Me in the gallery area of the castle.

dscf0125-2.jpg  Overlooking the town of Mir from the military tower.  This is the Russian Orthodox church.  Nearby is also a catholic church.

dscf0128-2.jpg  There is a man made lake on the castle grounds.  The story goes, that there once was  garden here and when the castle owner destroyed the garden to put a man made lake that he put a curse on himself.  The lake remained shallow for a number of years and the man eventually became ill and died.  He never saw the lake completed.

dscf0132-2.jpg  There is also a  pretty church on the castle grounds, directly behind the castle.

dscf0134.jpg  This is a closer view of the artwork on the church.  It is really beautiful.

dscf0136-2.jpg  The bell tower of the church.

The day was so cold that I really couldn’t appreciate the scenery.  Not to mention that winter scenery in Belarus is kind of blah!  I’d like to revisit this area in the spring and stop by a waterfront restaurant for some shaslik on the way back to the city.



  1. Hi Jennifer, I am posting this here because I have had several instances (especially in Belarus) where my e-mail did not reach the person that it was sent to, I e-mailed this last week and had not heard from you so I am hoping that is what happened. I apologise if this is the second time you have received this …


    We are preparing for our annual spring aid mission to Belarus and I was discussing some of the needs with Dave Shaw our Humanitarian Aid Director. As always one of the big needs is medicine and we were discussing specifically diabetics. Obviously there is little access to insulin and if there was they could not afford it, so the best solution they have is trying to control it through diet. Unfortunately there is no literature or education opportunities for most of these children. Then I remembered reading in your blog that you are a Nutritionist and you are currently located in Belarus! I realize that this is a lot to ask, and you don’t even know us, but … we were wondering if you would consider coming to Chausy (we would make all of the arrangements and cover your travel costs) and doing a nutrition seminar for juvenile diabetics? We would supply a driver, translator, meeting room in the Chausy Hospital and pretty much anything else you need. My dates in Belarus are from Mar 28 to April 11 so it would have to fall sometime in that window. Please give it some consideration and let me know your thoughts and any questions you may have. You already have the link to my blog site with the videos from our 2006 mission as well as last years mission blog, our official website is:
    please check us out on-line. We are partnered with Hope for the Future, an organization located in Minsk. Please feel free to contact them as well. Our main contact is Svetlana Simanev, their phone number in Minsk is: 172 66 56 33 (not sure which part of this is local) and their e-mail is hope_future@mail.ru

    Since 1998 we have delivered over 100 forty foot shipping containers and more than $28 million in aid to this region. Our focus is on the children and helping to develop the infrastructure to create independence not reliance. We are helping to develop programs in the orphanages so that the children leave with real skills, self esteem and the tools to succeed!

    Thanks for your consideration,
    Eric McKenzie
    Director of Communication
    Canadian Aid for Chernobyl

  2. Mom said,

    Oh Jennifer !@!!!!!!!!!!!!

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