January 25, 2008

Dental Exam of Sorts

Posted in Journal tagged , at 11:22 pm by Jenn

Today I had my first dental exam in Belarus.   I must say, I was a little leery.  I had every intention of waiting until I returned to the states, but I’ve been a 6 month girl my whole life and wasn’t going to stop now.  Besides, I figured how bad can it be.  Check teeth, remove any tartar, floss, polish, done.  WELL!  Things here are not quite done the same as in the states. 

First, the assistant and the dentist both were in high heels, not stilettos, but heels just the same.  Open toed at that, in a dental clinic.  Ok, so absurdity of this just makes me laugh.  The chair is the same, with the mirror and spit sink and tool tray.  No big deal.  The procedure however is not the same.  The dentist examines each tooth with the mirror and pointy instrument thing…the tooth numbers are even the same except they are in russian.  No problem, I can handle this.  Enter power drill.  Ok, maybe not a power drill, an orbital sander.  This orbital sander is dragged across all teeth to the point where they feel warm from the friction.  I’m not sure what this does, other than cause discomfort.  Not pain, but sensitivity.  Next, enter rotary drill.  This is used to scale down the tartar.  Thankfully, I don’t have a lot of tartar otherwise I imagine I would not have a lot of tooth left either.  If this wasn’t an endorsement for brushing 3 times a day and flossing daily I don’t know what is.  Now it’s time to floss.  Not with Glide, but with a thick piece of something that resembles gauze.  I’m thinking , how is this going to get through my teeth….she tries, it doesn’t.  She asks for floss, unwaxed!  ARGH!  This works, it’s tight, but it works.  Why didn’t I bring my purse….my Glide would have amazed them I just know it.  Next the polish.  The same gritty stuff as the states no big deal.  The last and perhaps most bizarre step, Fluorine paste!  Ok, this stuff is gross.  Not only does it smell EXACTLY like finger nail polish, you know the nail shop smell….top coat or base coat….maybe even that liquid that they mix with the powder to make acrylic nails, yeah, that smell, but the taste is HORRID.  As she’s applying this “paste”, she is telling the interpreter that I can’t eat or drink for 40 minutes, I can’t eat anything hard for the rest of the night and I can’t have anything warm unless I drink through a pipe (straw), and don’t brush my teeth until tomorrow.  Ok, I have a party tonight!  I think, don’t stress Jenn, it will be ok.  We finish the exam.  No cavities, thank god. 

On the way to the car I tell Katya that I feel like I have wax on my teeth.  She says she can’t see anything.  Seriously, it felt like the paste was drying and it was turning into a wax coating.  How am I going to talk to people tonight when my teeth are wearing sweaters? After running a few errands I arrive at home and look in the mirror.  Sweaters is an understatement.  They have fur coats on.    Needless to say, the tooth brush came out.  Sorry, I couldn’t stand it and I mean really, I brush with fluoride paste, I ACT Rinse daily, was it really necessary?  On a brighter note, my teeth look good.  I think the orbital sander was the key, buffed to a high white gloss. 

Would I do it again?  Exam yes, fluorine paste?….not so sure until I find out more about it.  The dental exam was pricey, I was shocked.  Dental care must not be on par with medical here.  An xray cost about $13 when I had my sinus infection, this exam today ran about $110.  If that’s the going rate, I don’t quite know how the local people afford dental care.  There must be a state dental clinic.



  1. Heather said,

    Sounds like fun. Think I could get an exam when I come visit? My teeth could use a good polish and a sweater or two!


  2. Ruth said,

    OMG ….. sweater teeth! When I read your fur coat line, I was unable to contain my “oooooooooh”. Andy asked, “What?” “Reading about Jenn’s trip to the dentist in Belarus.”

    I love the ending to this post …. “There must be a state dental clinic.” I can’t even imagine.

  3. sjsmart said,

    If the state dental clinic is anything like the state hospital, I’ll stick with the orbital sander and gauss (gauze + floss). The fur was nasty and i didn’t mention, but when it chipped off my teeth it even looked like peeling nail polish.

  4. not goth said,

    I hate hate the dentist. I cant tell you the last time I went cause I dont remember.. certainly never in the USA.. I am too scared.

  5. sjsmart said,

    If your experiences overseas were anything like I described in this post, then you will find the states to be a piece of cake! Don’t be affraid.

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