February 5, 2008

What’s in My Bag?

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The contents of my bag changes from day to day based on where I am going or what I’ll be doing.

This is my market/out for dinner bag:


Vera Bradley’s Hipster in Mod Floral Pink.  This is my bag for days when I don’t need a lot of extra stuff, my wallet, cellphone, lip gloss, comb, hand sanitizer, fingernail file, keys, kleenex, Russian cheat sheet, a pen, gum and a compact.  That’s it! 

On days when I’m heading for language class I break out this bag:


Vera Bradley’s Villager in Java Blue.  In this bag is everything mentioned above AND my date book and language book.  If I’m going sightseeing I take everything mentioned above and toilet paper, handwipes and my camera.  Gotta love the Villager!  I can also fit a small knitting project bag in here even with all that other stuff!  Again, gotta love the Villager.

I guess what my bag says about me is that right now I’m in the necessity only phase, but not willing to compromise on quality.  The best thing about these bags….when they get dirty just throw them in the washing machine.   I don’t even care that they don’t match my outfits.  That’s how I roll. (I’ve always wanted to say that).  Jenn, 38, Belarus


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