February 11, 2008

I’ve Still Got Skills

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Saturday night there was a fundraiser event at the Marine House.  It was a Tropical themed Pot Luck which was very welcomed here in Minsk.  The sun doesn’t shine much and it certainly isn’t very warm so the opportunity to drink tropical drinks, and  listen to Buffet was well received.  Pineapple chicken, spring rolls, chicken shaslik, rice, fruit salads and tropical drinks….a little slice of heaven right here in Minsk.

We had the biggest crowd yet at an event since we’ve been here.  The pool was a big success with the kids and the adults.  We had a limbo contest and the beverages floweth’d!  It’s been a while since I’ve been behind the bar, but I must said the Mai Thai’s were AWESOME!  I even cranked out a few Monkey Ball shooters.

So, I was pleased that after all this time I could throw a Mai Thai together without looking it up in a bar-tending book.  I hope my nutrition knowledge comes back so easily when I’m ready to return to work in the states (I have no doubt that it will).




  1. Mom said,

    Glad to hear you’ve still got it-The travel agent is finally working on the trip. I can’t turn the visas on until I have definite dates. DC to Copenhagen then Minsk.

  2. not goth said,

    If you ever get out to Redondo Beach there is a place called Old Tony’s on the pier which is infamous for it’s Mai Thais.. perhaps we’ll get Ruth and go have a Mai Thai all together.

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