February 14, 2008

February Knitting Update

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I haven’t written much about my progress on my many knitting projects lately so here’s an update for those who are interested.

I have one finished object this week.  Scott’s Christmas, Birthday, Valentine’s Day afghan.  FINALLY finished.  Now he won’t have any excuses to use MY blanket.  He likes it.  I used Lion Brand Thick and Quick Chenille in Basil, Kahki, Dusty Blue and Chocolate.  He says the yarn is nice and soft and warm.  I love the colors with the exception of the Kahki – I could do without that, but he likes it so it’s fine.  Did I mention that I’ll never knit another afghan?  Yeah, I won’t be doing that again (anytime soon at least).  Here’s a picture


I know I know, you want a couch just like that one don’t you?  I’m hoping we are going to be able to purchase new furniture for the house in the very near future.  This furniture is government issue and while I’m happy we have furniture, I would be thrilled if it were at least a solid color…anyway, there is the blanket.

Here is my work in progress….socks of course.  The yarn (Lang JaWoll) is nice and soft and knits up nicely.  I hit a knot block two days ago and have been trying to get the darned thing out.  The knot was my fault, not the yarn’s and I was determined NOT to cut it so I wouldn’t mess up the striping and any chance of knitting a matching pair.  The knot has finally been unknotted and I am back underway.  This is sock one of two.  These are my February socks for the Sock a Month 5 so I have a bit of knitting to do before they are finished.  With vacation coming up I don’t think I’ll have any problem getting them done.  Oh, and I’m knitting these on Pony Pearls which I like much better than bamboo.


The next project to be cast on hopefully tomorrow is my partner’s bag for the HSKS4. I have decided to make Little Slip of a Thing in Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, main color Winter Night with Amber Heather as the bronze.  This is the best bronze I can find so far so I hope it works.  This project should go pretty quickly.  I love to knit bags.  If it turns out nicely I’ll knit on for myself in the colors that I didn’t use for her!

So there you have it, a fiber update from Minsk.  It is snowing “heavily” here this evening.  Funny because when I saw that on the weather sticker on my blog I looked outside and there were just flurries coming down.  About 5 minutes later there was an all out downpour and I couldn’t even see the street!  The weather here is crazy.  Here’s a picture from when I took Max out for a stroll.  He would NOT wear his boots so sorry, still no picture of that.




  1. Terra said,

    Thats awesome! Im sure baby Kade would love one of those blankets!! haha. Especially since we are in Wyoming right now and its snowing! Miss you

  2. Mom said,

    the afghan is great and I like the colors-very earthy. I was tickled to hear you say a matching pair of socks. Heather says we take that matching stripe thing way to far!!!!

  3. rani said,

    Ooooooooh. I love that sock yarn! It looks so warm.

    I just sent you an invite! You e-mail was sent to my spam folder.



  4. Ruth said,

    Great job on both the afghan AND the socks. I’m impressed.

    Too funny that you got news of the weather from your own blog.

    I think “Government Issue Sofa” should be a band name. I assume that’s a U.S. issue sofa? Imagine what it would look like if the issuing government were Belarus. Now that’d be one ugly sofa. Or as Rodney Dangerfield said in Caddyshack, “Looks good on you, though.”

  5. Heather said,

    Wow – that blanket is HUGE! You have been a very busy lady! I love the colors for your February socks! Looks great! You’ve gotta do them two at a time. We are going to be sending another package, but we’ve got two sickies at the house – I think mom has pnuemonia – been coughing for two weeks straight and always tired!!!!


  6. Carey said,

    What do I have to do to get a pair of those socks? I’m still a sock and tight fanatic. In fact, I bought a pair of silver metallic tights last week- very fun!!

  7. sjsmart said,

    Terra – You should have gotten your request in before my “never making an afghan again vow”! : ) I can find something better to make for Kade!

    Mom, Ruth and Heather – Thanks for the kudos on the afghan, I’m so glad it’s finished. The colors were perfect (except for that Kahki – which I think looks like spoiled mustard).

    Rani – I’ll put the verdict on the sock yarn on the blog when they are finished (this I’m hoping is my february pair).

    Carey – What size shoe do you wear? I may be able to do something for you in the sock department – since I’m supposed to be making a pair a month this year!

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