February 16, 2008

Can You Name All 50 States?

Posted in Journal tagged , at 10:33 am by Jenn

In 8m 58s
Click here to Play

I will admit, I was down to one and started to panic!  Nothing like the pressue of a ticking clock!  Let me know how you do, comment with your time.  I’m off to find one on state capitals!



  1. Heather said,

    Um, go check my blog! Scary!


  2. sjsmart said,

    I’m surfing for the Ray Charles song now!

  3. kileigh7 said,

    I did it!
    That Anamaniacs song with all of the states and capitals really helps out. Doesn’t hurt that I taught this stuff for several years!
    Go check my blog and see how I did!

  4. notgoth said,

    I know them by name but location is another matter!! Plus I would have done a lot better at this if I could spell more of them!

  5. Jen said,

    I did it! 7 min 8 sec and I also started to PANIC and was feeling the pressure…State Capitols…no WAY!

  6. Theresa said,

    3 minutes 35 seconds. But I am a Social Studies teacher

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