March 5, 2008

Almost Catch Up

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Since I’m sick and supposed to be taking it easy for the next 3 days I decided to spend today catching up on my blogging post vacation. 

Monday I started to get a little scratchy throat.  Tuesday morning I woke up and my throat was on fire.  By noon I could barely swallow.  I went to the Embassy Health Unit and sure enough….Strep Throat.  This is the reason I hate public transportation and airplanes! I spent almost the entire day in bed yesterday and only got up to do my warm salt water gargles, take medicine and to eat my soup.  There is this horrible gargle solution here called ЙОКС (pronounced yokes) it is horrible tasting but really helps to keep everything clean inside.  That plus the salt water rinses are probably over kill but I’d rather be safe than sorry.

Today I’m feeling better and swallowing isn’t quite so scary.  Of course I am way over dramatizing the whole thing, but I did have an episode of near aspiration and that is when I decided to go to the health unit.  I thought my throat was going to close up.  I had visions of a feeding tube and everything.  LOL.  On a more serious note, at least I’d be able to feed myself because I’m certain Scott couldn’t handle it. 

So, enough of that back to the good stuff…to finish up with my Germany trip.  Scott was crazy about these cuckoo clocks and just had to have one.  Here’s the one he picked!

clock1.jpg   This is what they call a 1 day with music cuckoo clock.  It is a Black Forest original clock by Hones.  Yes, it is extremely ugly (actually it isn’t, it just doesn’t match ANYTHING in our home).  I had Scott hang it in the hallway between the den and the living room.  It’s a great space for it.  The three pine cone looking things hanging down are how the clock gets wound.  Each pine cone has a chain and everyday we are supposed to pull the chain that goes along with the corresponding pine cone, that’s it!  The clock cuckoos on the hour and 1/2 hour.  On the hour we get one cuckoo for each hour of the day and we hear “Edelweiss”.  Fitting since we purchased this at the Edelweiss resort in Garmisch.  Also fitting since it’s a song in my favorite movie of all time Sound of Music.  On the 1/2 hour we hear a pretty melody, I can’t remember the name and Scott has stashed the box so I can’t find it now.  There are a couple of moving parts (beer drinker and water wheel) that are activated when the music starts. 


The best part – the silencer switch.  I love clocks but I think the cuckoo in addition to the car alarms, drunks in the park and packs of wild dogs may be a little much.  We did see another really awesome clock in a clock shop (where we originally intended to purchase the cuckoo AND this other clock).  It was a wooden faced clock with wooden workings and the workings were driven by weights.  The weights were rocks.  Actual rocks from the Zugspitze.  This clock was really cool and rustic looking.  When we found the clock that Scott wanted for nearly $100 cheaper at the resort it kind of put a botch in the plan to go back to the other store to purchase both clocks the next day.  Oh well, something to keep an eye out for and who knows, maybe I’ll be surprised for a birthday or Christmas sometime.

I wanted Scott to sample the fresh pretzels from the bakery I went to on my first shopping day so we took the bus in to town.  By now I’m a pro and was able to instruct him when to push the button (I love being bossy).  Of course my real reason behind this trip was to pay one more visit to the yarn store which is 3 stores up from the pretzel shop.  : )

Here is my second purchase from the yarn store


The 3 skeins of Lang Fantomas are to be socks for Scott (maybe by the fall), he even picked the yarn himself.  Yes, that means he actually went in to the yarn shop with me and looked around.  Yes, I know….SHOCKER!

2 skeins of Opal sock yarn, 2 more skeins tied together of that yummy Unikat and another skein of the Zitron Hand Art.   I’m really disappointed because I just know that I had another skein of the Opal.  I think I lost it in the taxi!  Oh well!  Some German is going to be very happy with that find!  LOL.

Today was mail day and of course the day was filled with boxes.  Mostly yarn related but some good stuff from the Netgrocer.  Most thankful for item.  Toilet paper (Scott tissue for him and Scott Extra Soft for her).  Lynn in Sneads Ferry if you are reading this, the toilet paper in Belarus isn’t all that good.  Let me know if you want a square for your collection!  LOL

Most favorite item from mail day…Knitting Korner’s Sock II – How to KNit Two Socks at the SAME TIME on Two Circular NeedlesThis may just be the answer to my Second Sock Syndrome at last.  Also in the DVD case were two sets of Knit Picks size 2 circulars from my mom!  Thanks MOM!  Now my dilemma.  Do I finish the second February sock or do I cast on the March socks using the new method?  Also, all the yarn for Emilie’s baby gifts arrived today!  Shit. 

Ok, I am signing off now.  I didn’t get caught up completely, but tomorrow is another rest day and by then I’ll have my “what to knit now” dilemma all worked out.



  1. cuckoo clocks bring back fond memories for me. my aunt went to germany sometime in the 80’s and brought back black forest cuckoo clocks for her dad (my grandad) and my mom. my grandad loved his, he kept it on the wall in the living room and was diligent about keeping it going. he had a schedule for pulling the chains. i hope you guys enjoy yours as much as he did.

    also, thanks for the encouraging words and blog bling!!

  2. Mom said,

    your package got there fast this time. Hope you hve fun with the needles. I made Ms Cruz shawl on some and they are gret.

  3. 1120kat said,

    you’re going to LOVE knitting two socks at once!!! I did it for the first time this last year for Christmas socks…and it didn’t make it any faster, but holy crap I enjoyed it so much more 🙂

  4. notgoth said,

    LOL you are like a wool addict. Hope you feel 100% now

  5. sjsmart said,

    The cuckoo clock is great. I love listening to it during the DAY time.

    As for wool – : ), so much yarn so little time. My purchases were souvenirs. Yeah, souvenirs of my visit to Germany. Now hopefully I can turn them in to something beautiful.

    Feeling much better after the antibiotics!

  6. Doug C. said,

    Authentic Black Forest cuckoo clocks certainly do stir feeling of nostalgia. With each passing hour life’s memories are recorded and etched into the hand carved details of your clock. Those memories are brought back by the sound of the cukoo’s report and handed down to the next generation by you.

    There is one thing to be aware of when shopping for an authentic Black Forest cuckoo clock. Check your Hones cuckoo clock and see if you can find their name or any other product information written inside or out. What happens years later when you no longer have documentation of your purchase and need to service your clock?

    After 160 years, Schneider is the oldest German clock company and the only cuckoo clock maker that identifies their name with their product. You’ll find the Schneider name prominently displayed on the dial of every clock, with serial number stamped on the back. The serial number itself tells the story of your clock…when it was made, its features and the type of movement it has inside.

    This is important because when you’ve lost all documentation of the sale, you can still always just recite your serial number to any Schneider service person around the world and they will know exactly what your clock needs. This is impossible with anyone else but Schneider.

    When you consider the rich heritage of the cuckoo clock–if it’s a “Black Forest” clock that interests you–truly the only verifiable clock maker today is Schneider.

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