March 6, 2008

And The Winner is…

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Emilie’s baby shower gift of course!  Duh, Emilie reads my blog and I need to have at least one friend left when I move back to the States!  LOL  Seriously, this should be a quick knit and it’s made with cotton so it’s hard on the hands.  I can justify casting on another project to work when I’m giving my hands a break from the cotton right?  Sure I can.  That’s what I’m going to do.  I’m going to do the two socks at once because I’m dying to try it.  The second February sock will get it’s day.  Probably not til the end of March though.  I’m heading to GREECE!  That’s right GREECE.  For training for the new job.  I’ll need a project to work on in the airplane and at the hotel so I’m saving that second sock for that!

In other knitting news, the grommets I ordered for my HSKS4 partner’s bag are too small.  Of course they are, I made the I cord straps bigger than the pattern called for so why wouldn’t I have thought to order a larger grommet too?  Dunno!  Anyway, larger grommets are on the way.  And that project will be complete.  I don’t want to post a picture yet because this is a secret swap and I don’t want to give my identity away….though I think my cover is already blown.

Remember that Valentines Swap I joined?  Well my package was here waiting for me when I got back from Germany.  I could hardly wait to tear in to it!  When I did, this is what I found inside…


WOW! Where do I start?  Everything was wrapped so beautifully.  Some vintage handkerchiefs, and pretty ribbons in a Valentine’s theme of course.  Let’s start at the left bottom from with the white and red wrapped package, that’s my favorite Trident Splash gum – 3 packs.  Behind that in pink tissue paper is a box of Milk Dud’s waiting for the perfect popcorn movie moment to be consumed! The card on top of the package is a vintage postcard, postmark 1911 and sent to Westminster, MD.  The square behind the milkduds with the pink bow – Chocolate cover almonds, rolled in COCOA!  Oh my!  Yes, they are heavenly.  I have to limit myself to 6 per day.  Clockwise above are two packages of yummy fruity/berry tea.  Max the Dog even scored big on this package.  That red fuzzy thing with the pink heart is his new favorite toy which surprisingly is still in one piece and carried affectionately from room to room.  Attached to the toy, a box of treats in special puppy packaging.  Scott’s worst nightmare is next – a great hat idea for men – when in Minsk!  LOL.  Skip now to the box that says Emily’s – Chocolate covered fortune cookies, which I’m saving for an Asian dinner night (shouldn’t be too long).  And the most awesome handmade notions bag from Woodly Creations on Etsy.  You’ll notice I skipped over the yarn.  Not intentionally, but saving the best for last.  Two skeins of sock yarn in yummy autumn colors which I will be using to try out the new two at a time sock method in the very near future…tomorrow!  Two skeins of Malabrigo in the Olive colourway.  I’ve heard a lot of good things about this yarn so I’m anxious to try it out.  What to knit?  So many possibilities.  And for the most bestest (this is a word in the world of yarn) part of the whole package…..2 skeins, yes 2 skeins of MISTI ALPACA (and the crowd goes wild).  Ok, I know.  I’m just a little excited, but if you’ve never felt this stuff, you have no idea what I’m talking about.  If you don’t knit, just venture in to a yarn store to feel it.  Come on, I dare ya!  This is the softest yarn I have ever felt.  Once I finish sleeping with it, I think I’m going to make a scarf for myself.  Maybe a neck warmer and hat….oh I don’t know, but it will be used for something that goes right next to my skin!  Thank you so much to my Val Pal – Eva (banglehouse on Ravelry) for spoiling me ROTTEN!


  1. Heather said,

    OMG – that IS the same yarn I used for mom’s scarf. If anyone who doesn’t knit goes into a yarn shop to feel up the Misti, I bet they become knitters real quick-like!


  2. Mom said,

    I wore that scarf to Vegas this winter and was so warm-even when I started feeling sick I reached for that to walk with. It is SOOOOOO soft and warm.

  3. notgoth said,

    wow what an amazing package!

  4. sjsmart said,

    Yeah, I’m a lucky girl. The yarn is SUPER! Still undecided what to knit…well except for the sock yarn of course. : )

    I am taking my mother and sister’s comments on the yarn as a testament of just how fantasic it really is….they didn’t even say anything about me going to GREECE! LOL

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