April 9, 2008

Beautiful Day in Belarus

Posted in Journal tagged , , at 7:36 pm by Jenn

Today was by far the nicest day in Belarus since we arrived.  I don’t know what the high temperature reached, but it is 54F now and it’s 8pm.  We are still unsure of what the future holds for us here, but we continue to be optimistic and hope for the best.

In preparing for the worst however I made a long overdue trip to a linen shop today.  I found some of the greatest deals on table runners, napkins and dish towels.  BEAUTIFUL, handwoven cotton and/or linen.  Some for gifts, some for keeps, all for memories.

Today was also mail day!  I received the last skein of yarn from my Potter Covers club.  It is by far my favorite, the colors are wonderful…beautiful browns, orange, yellow and red.  The pattern that came with the yarn is called Hermione’s Purse and I’m thinking that I will knit this for my next pair of socks.  Of course this is after I finish the second February sock and the two socks at once and the second project for Emilie…who am I kidding.  This yarn is going to go in to my stash, but I love it and hope to be able to knit it up before fall!

I’m safe for another week in the DWTS pool on ravelry.  I don’t know if I’ve blogged about this before but I have Cristian in the pool so as long as he’s in it, I’m in it.  If he wins then I receive gifts from the other participants.  There is one participant for each star!  So that means 11 gifts.  I’m also in the Survivor pool and have Ozzy which I’m thrilled about!  He’s my favorite and I wish he would have won the first time so I’m definitely rooting him on the second time around.  In this pool, 10 participants, 9 gifts to the winner. 

As the weather here gets warmer the skirts get shorter and the heels get higher.  Pray that I’m here for another week so that I can capture some of this on film!




  1. Ruth said,

    Now, when you don’t post for a few days, I imagine you on a train for Morocco. But then again, I guess that would be a plane, right? Thinking of you – hoping all is well.

  2. sjsmart said,

    Thanks Ruth! Only planes for me, no trains. I’ll be posting a little more regularly now I hope. Thanks again for the well wishes!

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