April 15, 2008

All Packed Up and Nowhere to Go, So…

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The movers came back today to crate up all the boxes that they packed a little over a week ago.  This was just bizzare to me…I mean where are the boxes going and why?  Am I going somewhere?  I wish that question would be answered soon.  Here’s another question…if I’m not going anywhere will my boxes come back?  This I was able to get a response to…”Don’t plan on it.”  WOW~

So at least it is a nice day here in Belarus and I was able to enjoy a nice stroll with my camera while I headed in to work.   I took a lot of great pictures, none of which I will be able to share with you because I still haven’t located the software I need … (oh, and I’m blogging at work again so even if I found it I couldn’t put it on this computer anyway).  I will share these pictures with you though.  These pictures were taken by Col. Casey on one of his trips to Belarus. 

This is the memorial on the Island of Tears.  This memorial was built to honor 771 of the soldiers (young men) who died in the Soviet-Afghan War, and was opened on August 3, 1996. 

You’ll notice the women, these are the mother’s, sister’s and widow’s of the soliders.  Inside the memorial are 4 chambers (atlars) (each one of the groups of women is a chamber) are the names of the soldiers who gave their lives etched on to the wall, beside each name is a place for a candle (I took a picture of this and will update this post when I am able to upload the photo).  To enter the memorial you can walk through one of 4 iron gates.  On the inside the handles of the gates represent each of major cities of Belarus are represented, young men from each of these areas were killed (Minsk, Gomel, Mogilev, Brest, Hrodna, Vitebsk, Polotsk and Nesvizh). 

Also on this island and not pictured, because I want to save it for another post is a little praying angel statue.  This statue has come to be a fertility statue of sorts, but more on that later.

I also walked along the Svisloch river and took a lot of great photos of the old town and the park.  I can’t wait to share them with you.



  1. how nice it must be to be able to get out and get some pictures. but how frustrating to have no answers, except the one most unacceptable answer you do have. i hope this sorts out soon.

  2. Mom said,

    You must feel about like we did when we came back from Germany. Dad had surgery and was air-evac’d to Andrews. You girls and Lulu, the car were left in Germany with me and all the household goods. I had not made a big move before and shipping a car was very foreign!.. But we made it and then had to wait at Uncle Charles for 2 months until we had orders. They even lost our pay records on that move as it was held up so long. But all came out well in the end!!! I am going to visit a dog this afternoon. Have a good evening. Mom

  3. sjsmart said,

    The stroll was a great break. Just getting out and walking near the water was so relaxing. Thanks for the well wishes. I hope this all sorts out soon too!

    Mom – are you looking for a boy dog or a girl dog? Don’t forget to take the quiz!

  4. Jen H said,

    Nice photos of the memorial, look foward to seeing yours. I always think foriegn travel/experience is great for perspective, reminds one that just because a war or nation or event might be a foot note in our books, doesn’t mean we haven’t gone through the same thing, some time or another.
    Hope you find something out soon, and your boxes find a safe place in the interim!

  5. not Goth said,

    Thanks for sharing such interesting history! I really feel for you – it must be really hard living in limbo. I hope it gets sorted out soon!

  6. wineymomma said,

    I feel your pain…but at least I know where i am going i just don’t know when…

  7. Jen D said,

    Well not the answer you were looking for huh?! Wow. Well you know eventually you will see them again…but where? I’m staying tuned!

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