April 30, 2008

From here to Baku?

Posted in Journal tagged , , , , , , at 9:30 pm by Jenn

It’s been a whirlwind kind of day.  Overcast, cold and windy here in Belarus with this news coming this afternoon. 

Looks like it’s official now!  We’ll be heading for a new destination in the very near future, possibly Baku, Azerbaijan.

Not really crazy about that, but hey, at least I’ll be able to speak Russian and continue building on the language that I’ve already started.  That’s a bonus – I won’t have to stress out about asking for a bag at the market or trying to figure out what is sour cream and what is milk and trying to read labels because I can already do all that stuff!  I’ve done a little reading already and it looks like there will be a better variety of fresh fruits and vegetables available there and it’s right on the Caspian sea which likely means FISH!  Another bonus is a house over an apartment which means hopefully a yard for the little man!  I’m keeping my fingers crossed…of course nothing is for certain until I’m sleeping in a bed in Baku! 

I wonder how long it will take for me to get my stuff?



  1. by the sea could be lovely! i’m sure it’s good just to have some kind of news and it will be better when you are able to start to get settled!!

  2. wineymomma said,

    Good news Good news! Well news anyway…Here’s praying that stuff finds its way home soon!

  3. Jen D said,

    My god Jenn, finally some kind of word huh?! I’m thinking being sea-side is a good thing…fish, fresh veggies and the view! The language is a bonus if that’s where you go! I’m hoping it’s as easy for you as possible! Cheers to finding your stuff!!

  4. Jen D said,

    Ambassador Anne Derse in Baku was born in Lakewood, Ohio-the town next door to me in Fairview Park. Just a little useless info…

  5. sjsmart said,

    Thanks to all for the well wishes. I will keep you updated. As you all know – my life is crazy so this may not be “the final answer”.

    Jen – I’ll tell the Amb. you said hello. LOL

  6. Christine said,

    So jealous! I worked (from DC) on a project in Azerbaijan and I never got to go there. I hear it’s so beautiful there.

  7. kileigh7 said,

    Wow. At least it’s the same language…
    But the fish is a bonus,and the fruits and veggies are a super bonus..

    Here’s hoping your stuff arrives as quickly as you do!

  8. sjsmart said,

    Everyone please come visit! Baku is a long way from home.

  9. Marina said,

    I live in Baku for 2 years)))
    What I can say… It’s very beautiful country and hospitable people. But there are really crazy drivers and very hot in the summer.
    Fruits and veggies we have in abundance, but not fish…why…I can’t understand 😦

    Anyway, you’re welcome 🙂

  10. clare said,

    Glad to hear you finally know where you are going – I confess that I had to wiki it!

    The exciting news is Azerbaijan will make its debut appearance at the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 which means you will probably get to watch it. If you can you really must. Its hard to explain exactly but the Eurovision song contest is a kitschy tradition in the UK and an absolute must.. i recommend drinking whilst watching it.

  11. sjsmart said,

    Marina – I am looking forward to the fresh fruits and veggies! I am bummed about the fish though : (

    Clare – I had to wiki it too! LOL. Is this contest a live event or televised? I will make sure not to miss it!

  12. Wellcome


  13. Leily said,

    i wonder how well did you like Baku. You have to see it, yeah of course it has some disadvantages, But actually it’s an ancient and modern city at the same time.Its something between Europe and Asia.And comprises some features both from Europe and Asia.You ought to see the NIGHT VIEW. It’s so Amazing. Some tourists say it does look like Paris, the others say like Prague. Come & feel it yourself

  14. Maga said,

    I invite all to visit my homeland Azerbaijan, It is one of the ancient states of Euroasia, you wil be able to see both Europen and Asian features.. People are very friendly and always ready to help you, Come on guys and lets enjoy our Caspian sea , summer is already nearing …

    Azerbaijan is truly different than any other country that you will ever visit.

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