May 9, 2008


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Well, there’s nothing like being a refugee!  We are officially homeless.  We are temporarily hanging out in Vilnius, Lithuania waiting on new orders and taking a much needed break from the political craziness. 

We left Belarus via convoy last Saturday morning.  Crossing the border was uneventful, but I did get a salute from the Belarusian border guard so I guess that’s saying something.  Once we crossed the border we were escorted to our hotel by a police escort….AWESOME…except for the fact that I was almost Tboned at an intersection by a guy who obviously wasn’t paying attention to what was going on.  That was scary.

So here we are, haning out.  Max has made friends with all of the hotel employees and many of the guests.  He thinks he is big stuff walking around here. 

We are definitely on our way to Baku.  Azerbaijan.  Another place I never would have considered living and had never even heard of until this experience.  I am looking forward to it and hoping that with all the oil and gas companies there maybe I’ll be able to get a job as some sort of corporate wellness professional.  They speak Russian and Azeri (?) there so I’ll be able to get by with the basics.  I am definitely going to take advantage of the language programs that are available through the State Department to get more proficient.  I doubt that I’ll work at the embassy again.  This last experience was enough government for me I think.  I have finally been paid though which is a plus.

I’m off to the Agriculture Department here to pick up Max’s passport and export paperwork.  Pets require a LOT more credentialing than humans which I find just BIZARRE in today’s world.


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