May 20, 2008

First Impressions

Posted in Journal tagged , , , at 1:13 pm by Jenn

As far as first impressions go Baku is definitely not up there on “great” ones.  We arrived at day break on Monday and everything looked kind of dusty and dirty.  We were taken to our apartment where we were greeted with piles of trash, construction debris and loiterers.  LOVELY!  My immediate thought was where am I going to take my dog to the bathroom?  There is no grass anywhere near my apartment and in order to get to the grass (patch) 2 blocks away we have to walk through this trash, debris, broken glass, potholes, and loiterers.  Again, LOVELY!

The apartment thankfully, is our temporary apartment.  The inside is very nice (with a few repairs needed).  It is two levels with the bottom level being larger than our apartment in Minsk by at least 2 times.  Upstairs there are 4 bedrooms each with it’s own bathroom.  Plenty of room for guests, you know the one’s that aren’t going to visit me after reading about how dirty this city is!  LOL  The view isn’t so great because it overlooks the trash, construction, loiterers and debris.

Baku is a LOUD city.  You hear horns honking from the drivers that think they own all lanes coming and going.  Driving here is crazy and something that I definitely will NOT be doing.  I’m afraid to even cross the street at this point…these people are NUTS!  You also hear the policia screaming on their bullhorns in Azeri.  Screaming I’m assuming at these idiot drivers, but I’m not entirely sure.

People here are not dog friendly as evidenced by the stares I get when I walk Max and also by the 4 month old puppy with the broken leg that is now being cared for by one of Scott’s co-workers.  There are stray cats everywhere and the cutest little grey striped kitten on our walking path I doubt if it is even 3 months old.

So, here we are!  Thank you very much to whoever dealt us this “shit sandwich”!  If the yarn store isn’t worth it, I’m out of here!  LOL

Oh, and just in case you were thinking about visiting, bring your inhalers and your allergy meds.  I came across this interesting article today while looking for a picture to use for this post. 



  1. notgoth said,

    oh golly. I am glad to hear you are all there safe although it sounds pretty grim. I may have to visit to start a cat rescue. *sniffle*

  2. Jen D said,

    Well, at least the apt. is nice inside. Maybe the next apt. will be in a better location?~ I look forward to hearing more about your situation and details! Glad you are safe and alright my friend!

  3. Heather said,

    MMm-hmm! Wahoo! Teach Max to be a watch-doggie, quick!!!

  4. Angie said,

    Dang, I’m sorry the new neighborhood isn’t up to snuff. How disappointing. And yes, hopefully the next apartment WILL be better. Any idea how long you’ll have to be there?

  5. Carola said,

    It really does sound adventurous. How can you travel like this with a dog? Doesn’t s/he have to be quarantined all the time?

  6. Ruth said,

    Oh Man! I’m so sorry your experience of the new city hasn’t been more encouraging so far. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your next living quarters end up being in a better location.

    How could anyone give a mean look to Max?!!!

  7. sjsmart said,

    No quarantine for the pup so far. We’ve been lucky. They’ve changed the quarantine rules for a lot of places though so many will let you home quarantine which is awesome. Max is a trooper! He doesn’t love his kennel, but he tolerates it.

    The neighborhood we’re in now is the pits because there is a bus stop right here and there are SOO many people and so much traffic and noise. The new neighborhood is much better and we’ll be there soon! The apartment there isn’t as big, but it’s roomy enough for the two of us and Max, besides, this huge apartment would be a pain in the rear to clean! Too many toilets and too much hardwood flooring.

  8. Mammadov said,

    It is simply crazy to hear such words about your capital city… What the hell you were doing in Baku?

    I was surprised to see your post to this blogsite today. Thankfully, this is not “my” capital city, it is the city in which I live and the words that I have written are my experience first hand and my first impressions of the city when I arrived.

    I can’t tell if you are being sarcastic or are generally surprised to hear something negative about Baku. If you’ve never been here please visit, I’m sure you’ll notice much of the same. If you live here as I do then I know you experience much of the same. If you’ve ever been to Baku these words should be of no surprise. Of course many people do not freely express these words via a forum such as I have, but I’m not most people. Thanks again for visiting.

  9. Floor Lamp said,

    hardwood floorings are very durable and they look nice too in the kitchen and living room ;~’

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