June 2, 2008

Wife Mafia

Posted in Journal tagged , , at 5:02 pm by Jenn

I have a great new group of friends here in Baku and we are loving called by our husbands the “Wife Mafia”.  We shop, eat and gossip, just like girls should.  It’s great.  Today one of the Mafia members and I went to get our nails done (her hands, my feet).  It was my first pedicure in 9 months and was very much needed.  The price 12 manat which I guess is the US equivalent of roughly 14 dollars.  No tipping here which I find strange.  I do tip in restaurants however (I guess out of sympathy having worked that gig in a previous life).

The Mafia has been wonderful as far as showing me around the city, where to shop for groceries, which restaurants to eat in, where to get my nails/hair done, offering much needed sympathy and just hanging out.  None of us are locals, but some of the group has been here for a while (10 years).  

One of the girls has a family driver so that’s how we get around most days, but when he’s off we call on Nazim.  Nazim is a local taxi driver with the cutest car.  A Russian Oka.  It’s small and only fits 3 really but we can squeeze 4 in there if we need to.  The price 5 manat per person for all day.   The best part…the TV with music videos.  I’m serious!  LOL  I want to submit him for “Pimp My Oka”.  He’s got a good start with leopard print seat cushions and everything.

Our car is being shipped here and should arrive in a few weeks, but driving here is so crazy that I think it will stay in the garage most days.  Scott has a driver that he can utilize through work and I can either walk or call Nazim if I need to go anywhere (like to the POOL!).

Scott and I joined a local gym this weekend.  They have a wonderful fitness center and indoor and outdoor pools.  We’ll need to arrive a little earlier next week to stake out our territory by the pool…close to the ladder in to the pool to minimize the skin exposure to the general public.  Although I’m really not sure why I worry so much.  Some of the sights I saw this weekend were definitely a lot more comfortable with their  bodies than I am.  I’m always amazed at the size and shape of some women in two piece bathing suits, and the 60+ men in speedos…my question to you is WHY?  When you have furniture disease (when your chest sicks out further than your dickie do) just do us all a favor and wear trunks.  You know, the non spandex kind.

So thats not much of an update, but we are settling in and should be moving to our new apartment later in the week.  Hopefully our belongings will be here soon and we can get completely settled. 

I haven’t been taking my camera out with me these past few weeks, but I promise I will start and as soon as we get in the apartment and have regular internet access I will start posting pictures.

I hope to begin posting more frequently, the internet that we are using right now isn’t to reliable (when it’s windy it doesn’t work properly – did you know that Baku means windy city?) YEAH!  Stay tuned.

Gotta run, it’s time for General Hospital.



  1. Mom said,

    Sounds like the Mafia is a good thing there. I wonder if they give the big B award like we had in Germany. We were occasionally presented with a paper “B” which we got for being Bitch of the week! And the cab driver sounds like a find.

  2. Amy Bryant said,

    Hi Jenn! So good to hear that you are settling in! I miss you bunches but happy to hear you are safe!!!! Take care!

  3. Heather said,

    Well, now. Here I was feeling sorry for you for being uprooted, and in an “unsavory” part of town, but you sound like you’re settling right in, and up to your usual tricks – pedicures, shopping, restauranting. . . .I’ll go back to just plain missing ya!


  4. Eva said,

    Sounds like life is a little faster-paced in Baku than it was in Belarus and that you’re enjoying it. Be sure to try fesenjan if you get a chance. It’s a Persian dish, but I’d imagine there’s an Azeri version of it. It’s a sort of meat stew (I’ve had chicken and Cornish hen) with a savory, complex pomegranate sauce — mmmmm! You’ll love it!

  5. Jen D said,

    Aw Jen! The wife mafia! I love it! They sound like fun-just your style too…glad to hear you have a group to hang with and have fun with! Missed your call, looking forward to talking soon! What a nice surprise to hear your voice! 🙂

  6. wineymomma said,

    I am so happy that you have found your spot! I am really looking forward to having that!

  7. Rents said,

    Wow. I´ve been extremely busy for a while, so I haven´t been able to read your blog and looks like I´ve missed some intresting stuff here 😀 It´s nice to hear that your settling in just fine.

  8. Jen H said,

    Glad to here you are having fun and enjoying your time there!

  9. allitrya said,

    That sounds like so much fun! Glad to hear you’re settling in. =)

  10. not Goth said,

    Its good to finally catch up with your blog and hear that you are finding life in your new country not so bad! Thats great news. Especially about the Wife Mafia – I am sure that makes a huge difference! Look forward to reading / seeing more of your adventures

  11. Ruth said,

    How WONDERFUL that you have some girlfriends to pal around with. Sounds like the ingredients for a good book.

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