June 13, 2008


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Some of our things arrived today!  YIPPEE!  My desktop is here which means I can start to post pictures!  This also means that I now have a BIG screen to view my new addiction.

WEBKINZ!  I spent the day getting my pet registered and earning webcoinz to buy him some really cool stuff.  Oh, wait, I forgot to tell you about my newest pet didn’t I?  He is a gift from my nephew… a WEBKINZ BullFrog.  I love him and I named him Jeremiah (Jeremiah is the best bullfrog name EVER!).  There are some really fun games in the WEBKINZ arcade and I spent a small fortune today in webcoinz buying swap stew and kiwi to feed Jeremiah.  He has a hearty appetite.

I attended a baby shower today for one of the mafia wifes.  She is Hungarian and baby showers aren’t part of their culture so she really didn’t quite know what to expect.  She got so many great things.  I think she was pleased.  We ate Lebanese food, drank wine and ate cake.  It was yummy.  I made a really awesome dip that I learned about from Anna in Belarus.  It is really simple to make and super yummy.  Here’s the recipe:

Sour Cream, Mayonnaise, Garlic, Fresh Dill, Simple Cheese  – I just mixed the stuff together, I didn’t measure, but I think it was 1 pint of Sour Cream, 3/4 cup mayo, 3-4 cloves of garlic, 2 tablespoons of fresh dill (no stems, just the nice feathery green part – hint – take a spoon and smash the feathery green part to release the flavor….), 1/4 cup of grated simple cheese (I don’t know what kind of cheese simple cheese is, but it is white, not cheddar, maybe a mild swiss, firm, but not hard and not big holes, small really close together holes.  This dip is excellent with fresh veggies, shashlik (grilled chicken, or pork).  It would be wonderful on a pita sandwich or even with chips.  I will continue to make this dip for parties even when my favorite packaged onion soup arrives (oh where oh where are my household goods…where oh where can they be?).

It is VERY windy today in Baku.  There are two little yorkies that live in this apartment complex.  They were outside this morning and the little one literally was blown across the yard.  It was funny and pitiful all at the same time.  She probably doesn’t weigh more than 2 pounds!  I think I’m going to get goggles for Max because the wind blows so much dirt I’m worried about something getting in his eyes.  I wear my sunglasses for protection even to take him out at night.




  1. oh, i love webkinz! they are evil and time suckers and way too much fun!!

    i was so excited about your having a webkinz that when you mentioned a baby shower i was certain it was going to be some cool webkinz thing i didn’t know about!! 🙂

  2. sjsmart said,

    I am sjsmart on webkinz. Next time you are online send me a friend request. We can play some games!

  3. Mom said,

    Zac will be so glad that you are having fun with Jeremiah! I still have to play my Goobers lab every day. We are on vacation for a week so no Webkinz-we’ll be fine.

  4. Heather said,

    Glad to see you are enjoying Webkins world. We personally are addicted to finding the gemstones – really a big rip off if you ask me, but yet we still go searching every day!!


  5. when we return from penang i’ll sent you a request. i feel a whole new webkinz world opening up for me!

  6. sjsmart said,

    TM – see you then!

    Heather, gemstones? Where? I must find gemstones, I must find gemstones.

  7. sjsmart said,

    I ordered Scott a Webkinz of his very own last night….a Grey Horse! I was going to get him the Siamese Cat! LOL

  8. i sent the invite. i’m gopiggygirl . and i so agree that the gem search is a ripoff. i’m like only 3 gems short for my crown and can’t seem to get them. and it’s been that way for like 4 months!!

  9. sjsmart said,

    TM – What gems do you need? I have some insider information…well not really but if you do a search for it you can find a list with all the gems and the mines they are found in.

  10. no way!! that is amazing!! i’m going to get on top of that.

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