June 14, 2008

Noodle Soup

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After our workouts at the gym Scott and I usually go to the gym’s cafe and share a pot of Jasmine tea while we are waiting for the driver (yes we have a driver) to pick us up.  Today after working out I was FAMISHED so I decided to order the “Soup of the Day”. 

When I asked what the soup was I got a wait a minute, let me think about it, oh yeah type of look and the waiter’s response was “Noodle”.  “Chicken Noodle?”, I asked.  “No, just noodle” he replied.  Ok, I’ll try it.

When the soup arrived I was very surprised to see a tan kind of creamy looking soup (similar to the one in the picture above, but I found that one on the web).  I unwrapped my spoon and went fishing.   Would you like to know what I pulled up?  Garbanzo beans.  No noodles anywhere, all beans, kind of like thin warm chunky humus!  LOL.  The waiter came with Scott’s salad and asked how I liked the soup.  I said it was good (which it was), but I did tell him it wasn’t noodle soup.  He looked surprised.  I told him it was Garbanzo Bean (then had to explain, what they were – thankfully humus is eaten here).  He laughed and said, “We don’t eat those here so when I asked what to call the soup they said “Just call it noodle”. 

The soup was good, and solved the hunger problem, but now I am left wanting noodles! 

Now I’m home, relaxing after a good workout, blogging and wearing my new bright lime green fuzzy flip flops (my pedicure is on Monday)!  Thanks Dee! 

These flip flops were part of my End of Thirty Voices Swap package from Dee (then from Colorado).  There were also flavored lip stuff, tea (which I thoroughly enjoyed – OM), hot chocolate, bubble bath and a nice note. 



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