June 15, 2008

Fishing in Baku

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We were told that we should not eat anything that comes from the Caspian because the water is so polluted.  That didn’t stop us from going fishing in the Caspian though. 

We drove about 15 minutes out of the city, out toward some old oil fields.  We arrived at our fishing spot and I was a little upset that I didn’t just choose to stay home that day to watch tv and knit.  There was trash all over the place, the wind was blowing and the area was very rocky.  I was there however so I decided just to make the most of it.

The water was beautiful in this part of Baku, no muck floating on top and no stench.  The wind was blowing very hard so the waves were traveling sideways and were white capped, it was really soothing to watch.  Off in the distance we could see oil platforms and these rickety wooden structures that looked like they were safe for anything.  Come to find out these wooden structures were still used for night fishing.  A small boat takes the fishermen out, drops them off and then retrieves them when the fishermen signal.  Interesting, but there is no way in hell you would get me out on one of those things. 



The water was beautiful, but along the shore you could see traces of oil along the rocks.

I also need to say that before I decided to go on this trip I asked if this is the place with snakes and was told no.  Had it been the place with snakes I would have stayed home, no questions asked.  Well, because it wasn’t the place with snakes, I went.  I decided to do some exploring, certainly there must be shells right?  Well, as I’m walking I see this interesting piece of fabric laying just up ahead, as I get closer I realize this isn’t fabric at all, it is a snakeskin. 

Well, I’m no zoologist, but the way I figure if you see a snakeskin, you can almost be certain that it came from a snake, meaning that there are snakes in that area, or translated fruther, GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE.

We did actually see a live snake and of course I had to take a picture.  Now I’m not that brave so I stood far away and tried to zoom in. 

You can’t really see it (maybe you can if you zoom in, I think that might be it’s head up by the rock – like he is getting ready to strike), but trust me it is in there.  A black snake of some kind about as big around as a nickel/quarter.  So seeing the snake summed it up for me, I decided that I would find a clear place, set up my chair and stay put, so much for shell hunting.

The group we were with didn’t do as well as the locals who were there fishing, but I think that everyone had a good time. 

We made a little barbeque and cooked kabobs and veggies.  I did try the lamb even though I never eat it.  I don’t like the flavor, but I didn’t want to be rude, so I took a piece.  I also took some eggplant, tomato and potato as well as a small salad.  Now, I was really looking forward to this grilled eggplant.  They were small and I just knew it would be delicious, and I’m sure it was.  The thing is I only took one bite.  In that one bite that I took was a huge piece of lamb fat.  I bit down on it twice, figured out what it was and instantly projectiled it on to my plate.  Needless to say, that was it for me.  I couldn’t eat another bite of anything.  There is nothing worse to me than fat.  It is GROSS.  I can’t stand it, ask my mom she’ll vouch for me.  This is the reason I do not eat ribs and many other meats, too much trouble.  Thank goodness there was Azeri beer to kill the lamb fat taste.  I really thought that I was going to vomit.

As soon as I got home I stripped off all my clothes, shoes and all and threw them in the washer and ran to the shower.  I had so much sand and dirt in my hair and I just felt gross!  The combination of lamb fat, baku wind, oil traces, snakes and the Azeri national bird was just too much for me.

This is not a picture of the actual bird, they travel much to fast for me to catch them on film. 





  1. notgoth said,

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwww snakes. I would take lamb fat over snakes anyday.

    I have to say I thought of you when I read this today..


  2. sjsmart said,

    Gah! I can’t stand snakes either, the lamb fat is a very close second. I don’t know….I hope I never have to chose, but I suppose I could just swallow a hunk of fat without really chewing, you know kind of like an oyster!

    That article is made my skin crawl. We had a baby pig head snake (or something like that) in our garage in NC. Nonpoisonous, but…may he rest in peace.

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