July 4, 2008


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This past weekend we went to a picnic put on by AMCHAM.  This stands for the American Chamber of Commerce.  There was a live band, free beer, free food, raffle tickets (with awesome prizes) and fireworks.

Initially I said I wasn’t going.  This was a working event (sort of) for the hubbo which usually equates to me being left to fend for myself.  Not to sound like a stick in the mud, but I’ve become more of an introvert lately and would rather just stay home.  This is most likely depression due to the fact that I’ve moved so many times, have no job, no personal belongings and Tricare continues to piss me off almost daily, but I digress.  I decided to go after speaking with a couple members of the mafia who were also going, good, I’ll at least have some people to talk to~!.

The Ambassador made the opening speech and then it was time to eat. 

One of the mafia and I started making our way to the food.  The other stayed to save the seats (which at 4pm were prime and by later in the evening were horrible due to the proximity to the band’s speakers).  Anyhoo, we were almost first in line for the food.  Then the foil came off the first chaffing dish and out of no where they appeared like a pack of wild animals.  Seriously, it was like someone opened the flood gates.  People were everywhere. 

The prime position I once held, now meant nothing.  I’m telling you these people have no respect for themselves or others.  They cut in front of you by the 10’s.  SERIOUSLY.  They take whole packages of hamburger buns, plate loads of food, sometimes with their fingers and sometimes with serving utensils.  Needless to say, after about 10 minutes of trying to make a plate of food this is what I had 1/2 baked potato, 5 potato wedges, potato salad and pasta.  Yep, all carbs.  What?  Were there vegetables?  Why yes there were, but the 6 huge trays of salad were reduced to scraps of cilantro in less than 2 minutes by these vultures.  I was standing right by one when the wrap came off and couldn’t even manage to get a cucumber on to my plate.

There was also meat.  It was easily identified as hamburgers and hotdogs.  I had been hoping for REAL American food and it was in the shape of the all familiar frank, but was a very strange color and not burnt to my hotdog specifications.  The burgers, well, lets just say, they were grey.  I’m not sure this was even beef so I just went back to the table with my plate full of carbs and bitched.

The other people sitting at my table faired a little better with the variety of food they were able to obtain and offered to share but I declined.  By this time I’d been thoroughly disgusted by the vulture scene.  Do these people not eat?  EVER?  The food was also supposed to last til 8:30….yeah right, in under an hour these vultures had devoured every scrap.  My suggestion for next year.  Servers. 

I’ll spare you the description of the bathroom, but I will say that it’s pretty bad when you leave wishing it was a hole in the ground!  YEAH!  All the Purell in my purse didn’t help me feel clean after that!  WHOA!

Ok, so later in the afternoon dessert was served, Raspberry Sorbet, YUM and melon.  I did manage to get a plate full of melon (if you can’t beat ’em join ’em) and these good muffins that were stuffed with pudding (interesting).  So at least I did have a little variety in my food intake for the day.

Now, no fourth of July celebration is complete without hookers right?  RIGHT!  Here are a couple of pics of two that were present at this celebration.  Now I’m really not sure if they are hookers or not.  That’s just what we called them to amuse ourselves.  Take notice of the outfits.  Really?  Seriously?  Yes, the one in the black skirt is probably not wearing underwear, hard to tell, maybe her rear is eating them?  Anyway….they were entertaining.

Later in the evening threre was a man auction.  You know the type, guys get up on stage, take their shirts off and drunk women bid on them.  It was entertaining.  One guy gave women 10 manat to bid on him (including myself).  I’m not quite sure what the strategy was there, but a woman did end up paying either 70 or 85 manat (I can’t remember) for him.  The highest paid was 200 manat (that’s just crazy – he wasn’t even cute).

After the auction was the raffle.  Hubbo had purchased 20 tickets.  10 pink, 10 blue.  The prizes were good, mobile phones, dvd players, ipods and plane tickets….NOW WE’RE TALKING!  I just had to have those tickets….two different prizes, 2 tickets economy class to anywhere in Europe and 2 tickets business class to London. 

Now this was probably the longest raffle in history.  There were 6o prizes, it was raining and there were a lot of drunks waiting to win those plane tickets.   The prizes were raffled in order of value, meaning the tickets would be last.  I won a digital camera.  Nice, I was thinking about buying a new one, now I don’t have to.  The next category….plane tickets. 

Ok, here’s where I get mad.  The prize two round trip tickets anywhere in Europe.  They call 1218…..MY number.  I heard it, the girl next to me heard it, the guy on my other side heard it.  I find the ticket….look at it, verify that indeed they did call my number, I scream and off to the stage I go.  I arrive on stage and then I hear…..0218, EXCUSE ME?  I have 1218, the ticket check guy says, 0128 I say 1218 he says no, so I leave the stage.  BUMMER!  Everyone heard 1218.  0218 wasn’t there so they redrew…..I should have asked to see the ticket she drew.  I just know I won those tickets.  Oh well, I have a new camera so I didn’t go home empty handed.



  1. i’d be hoppin’ mad about those tickets – but a camera isn’t bad consulation.

    the consulate had the 4th of july celebration here last night, but we opted not to go. we heard rumor that it might not be the most fun the kids every had and if they’re not having fun, we’re not having fun.

    so a low key 4th for us.

    and i’ve been to a few things here where i’m just amazed at the rudeness. it’s a whole new level of it.

  2. Mom said,

    Where is Monica?

  3. Angie said,

    You were robbed!

  4. Jen D said,

    Jenn, I just love reading your stories … but the picture of the girl’s ‘bucket’ coming out of the skirt is too much. Too much!! You said this was a ‘work’ event right? Ahhh! Congrats on the new camera!

  5. Heather said,

    Argh – sounds like a “fun” event – NOT! I would have thought you’d have asked them to see the ticket that got pulled, especially since 0218 wasn’t there! How awful!! Glad you got that melon and sorbet, though. Zac would be jealous!


  6. sjsmart said,

    Monica – The camera is nice and there are lots of pictures that I’ve taken if I can just figure out how to get them on to my computer!

    Mom – Monica is in Thailand and I’m extremely jealous that she is eating excellent food!

    Jen – Actually getting a picture of “the bucket” was a huge surprise. I really was trying to capture the outfit. I got WAY more than I bargained for.

    I know, I know I should have asked to see the ticket!

  7. Ruth said,

    I see it now: seminars (lead by you) that educate people on healthful nutrition, thoughtful etiquette and (how shall I put it?) less-hoochiful fashion. You’ll be a star!

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