July 8, 2008

Red, White and Blue

Posted in Journal tagged , , , , , , at 6:02 pm by Jenn

I’m being proactive this week.  I called the Prince George’s County Board of Elections to check to see what I needed to do to get my address updated in order to receive my ballot for the November election.  If you remember I was not able to vote in the Maryland Primary Election due to an error in record keeping at the Board of Elections and I am not about to let that happen again.  The woman that I spoke to remembered me (I really did raise a stink back then), she told me that I could either mail or fax my request.  I’m going to fax and then follow up with a call.

As I was catching up on some of my favorite blogs today I came across a link to The Overseas Vote Foundation.  I clicked, I read, I’m impressed.  They have all the information you need right on this one website.  I’m using it.  Of course I’m also going to send my fax, well because I WILL VOTE IN THIS ELECTION).  Thanks Monica for linking to this site!  What a wonderful resource for us Americans overseas.

Now I realize I’m probably opening up a can of worms but here goes…

I watched a muppet video that was posted on youtube in which the American flag is displayed incorrectly.   As I was waiting for the video to load I looked at the flag and thought something just didn’t seem quite right and that led to my google search in which I found this.  Notice anything wrong?  How about this one?  Do these guys even have a clue? I mean the Muppet’s I can understand, but a man who wants to be our Commander in Chief AND “The” Commander in Chief?  Common guys!  Oh, and if you are a geek like me here’s a link to the Flag Code.



  1. i still need to do my follow through for my voting stuff to be sure it’s all a-okay. but didn’t want to miss out!!

  2. Angie said,

    Yay for voting! Despite being disappointed in 2004, I have really high hopes for this election. And since I’ve also just moved, your post reminds me that I need to reregister. Sooo important!

  3. allitrya said,

    I think it’s awesome that you’re ensuring you can vote. So, so many people don’t even vote, then complain about the government. So in short, high five. =)

  4. not Goth said,

    Funny about the flag code… I am slightly obsessed with it. George should add being embarassed for autographing a flag amongst the zillion other things he has done. Seriously even I as a immigrant know that one!

    Whenever I see something with Old Glory on I bug Chris asking him whether the flag protocol applies.. sometimes I am such a smart ass.. http://www.flickr.com/photos/clarew/2538672349/

    Weirdly enough there is no protocol for the Union Jack – well as long as you don’t burn it. That kind of pisses us off. 😉

  5. not Goth said,

    Wait! McCain signed the flag too?! Pffuft! I thought better of him. Not much but he doesn’t seem as dumb as George.

  6. Jen D said,

    How about the ‘Made in China’ stickers on the flags we got at the parade on the 4th?! THAT makes me crazy!

  7. notgoth said,

    sorry jen but what isn’t made in china these days?!!

  8. Ruth said,

    Great post, Jenn! That Muppets video is priceless.

    And. O.K. I’ll go there: If a Democrat was photographed signing a flag, wouldn’t that be all over the talk shows about how criminal they are? If anyone can find a shot of Barack signing a flag, I’ll stand corrected.

  9. sjsmart said,

    EVERYTHING is made in China, but you are right Jen, I think that the good old USA could at least manufacture their own flag.

    I haven’t been able to find one of Barack, but I did find one of Bill Clinton, which surprised me, though I’m not really sure why!

  10. not Goth said,

    Ruth are you are totally right. If I hear one more thing about Barack not wearing a flag pin I may kill someone.

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