July 11, 2008


Posted in Journal at 2:48 pm by Jenn

Well folks, I’ve finally found it!  The PERFECT hobby.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of something like this before.  It’s right up my alley.  Oh, sorry, I forgot to tell you what it is…

It’s geocaching!  That’s right geocaching.  So how did I learn about this geocaching?  Well, I was catching up on Carola’s blogyesterday.  She had posted about geocaching, I didn’t know what it was so I looked it up and that was all it took.  I knew that I’d found the PERFECT hobby.  I know, I know, I had to google it too, and once I did I was hooked.  I am hooked, Scott is hooked (more on that below), we are hooked.  

Geocaching is a kind of hide and seek game.  “The Hider” hides a waterproof container “cache” with “stuff” (stuff can include a notebook, pen, trackable item, small collectible items, etc) in it somewhere (anywhere) in the world.  The Hider then goes to this geocaching.com website, log the coordinates or clues about the location of their “cache” into the database.  The Seeker goes to the geocaching.com website and enters some information, it can be country, state, zip code, etc…then a list of possible finds comes up!  Then they go seeking.  When the cache is found it is opened.  There should be a notebook and pen in there.  The “Seeker” writes their name and date and how they came to find the cache.  There will also be some small items.  You take one and you leave one!  That’s it.  Simple. 

Some of the cache items are trackable.  The way that works is that they are registered on geocaching.com,  the orignial and all subsequent owners of the item are then able to follow it from location to location provided that the person who finds and takes the item goes to the website and logs the information – which they do, because that’s the way this thing works.  Also if you find the cache you go to the website, tell the story about how you found the cache, what you took and what you left.  You even log in and document if you weren’t able to find the cache.  This might mean that the cache was stolen or not placed back in it’s original hiding place after being found before.

It just sounds like so much fun and it’s a hobby that you can do all over the world!  There are 4 caches hidden in Azerbaijan and Scott and I intend to attempt to find them!  I haven’t quite decided what we will take to put in the cache when we find that first one, but I have decided what we will put in to 3 future caches.  Trackable Coo Coo for Caching coins!  I bought these on ebay today (of course I did LOL).

Scott and I have talked about taking a lot of road trips when we return to the States.  Seeing National Parks, etc.  This new hobby is the perfect way to see the world and leave a little piece of ourselves in each place we visit!  I’m We’re going to love it!  So, that’s it, my new PERFECT hobby.  It’s kind of like Nancy Drew meets Louis and Clark! 

Now, how did I get Scott interested?  3 letters – GPS.  You see, this game is based on clues AND coordinates.  You use the GPS to help find the location and the clues to lead you to the cache.  GPS isn’t mandatory, but I suspect that this is the way many sneaky clever wives such as myself spend a little more quality time with their husbands!  ; )

He really is interested in it.  He even suggested stashing our own cache!  I almost fainted on that one!

I hope some of you get interested in geocaching as well.  If you hike and like to go exploring, you may as well make a game out of it!  There are also CITO events (cache in trash out) where you take a trash bag and clean up the area as you are looking for the cache.  I’ll probably need a case of bags for my first cache here in Azerbaijan!

Thanks Carola!



  1. Ruth said,

    OMG! This is great! I’m so excited for you. I learned about geocaching while hiking here in the Santa Monica Mts. There’s a geocache up under a bridge on my favorite trail. It’s so fun to look in the box and see the changes.

    I think my new power-walking watch also does this kind of navigating: THE GARMIN FORERUNNER 205 (for you techno heads out there). . . . . hmmm, looking forward to your future posts about this.

    What a great way to explore your exotic locations!

  2. sjsmart said,

    I’m so jealous Ruth! Did you sign the log book? It would be neat to get a tracking bug and put it in there and monitor the “bugs” travels throughout the US (maybe the world). You know, kind of like a where’s Waldo kind of thing.

    Maybe I’ll send you one of my Coo Coo Coins!

    Just for kicks run a search on your zip code and see how many caches are in your area. This may be another use for that new watch!

  3. Angie said,

    I know a lot of people are into the geocaching. We even have a geocache stampbook hidden in the library where I work.

    Good luck with your new hobby! Keep us updated on your finds!

  4. Ruth said,

    Great ideas, Jen! I think I did sign the book, but it was so long ago, I can’t remember what I wrote. I’ll go back to check. I’ll take pictures of it for you.

    I did go to the website and put in my zip code – but I could not understand the list that came up. I didn’t have much time to spend trying to figure it out. I’ll go back to it again some time.

    Congrats on getting your Garmin. What model did you get?

  5. Carey said,

    Me and Rod got into geocaching several years ago. We found our first cache at a park in Calabash. It took us two trips cuz it got dark the first night. We also went to Florence for a day geocaching trip and won a door prize- some survival game.

    Congrats on your new perfect hobby!

  6. Jen D said,

    I was thinking Pete would like it and was looking into it a few months ago. I forgot about it and now I’ve been reminded! Thanks!

  7. sjsmart said,

    Ruth, the list can be confusing and you really need to sit for a while to figure it out. It displays by closest cache to your zip code to furthest.

    I got the eTrex H. It’s the basic unit. I figure I’ll start there and move up if I really find that this is something that I’ll enjoy long term.

    Carey – Did you ever tell me about that? I don’t think so…I would have become manic about this back then if you had. LOL

    Jen – Does Pete have a GPS? This may be perfect for those times when Mom is watching the little one. Pack a bottle of wine, some cheese, grapes, the GPS and off you go! Let me know if you do this….in fact I’m going to run your zip code now!

  8. Jen D said,

    Jenn, he does not have a GPS but I was thinking he would like this for his birthday. I know he’s into the tech thing so this would be one more thing to become obsessed about! It just sounds FUN! I love treasure hunting!

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