July 27, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

Posted in Journal tagged , , , at 3:12 pm by Jenn

The weekend has come and gone and boy has it been a hot one.  We’ve spent a majority of the weekend inside because, well because it’s just too damn hot to go outside.

I’ve accomplished a lot of work for my business this weekend.  I’ve created forms and documents and things that I will need to actually see patients.  I still have a few things to order and it seems like the thing I’m having the toughest time decided about is which plastic food models to order….who would have thought this would be my most difficult business decision.  Nasco is the company that makes these things and they have such a great selection, but I am overwhelmed by the choices.  I don’t want to order something this expensive that isn’t going to give me a great selection of appropriate foods and I don’t want to go overboard and look like a rubber food model collector.  I’M SO CONFUSED!  LOL.  I do need to make a decision by the end of the day on Monday so that the models will be here by the time I start seeing clients.  My goal is the middle of August.

I have a friend back home in Maryland who is an attorney and he is helping me with the business registration.  The name I chose is Smart Nutrition and hopefully that is available.  If not, I’m sure that I can come up with something else, but Smart Nutrition just seems so perfect.  Once I get the Ok from him I’ll order business cards and maybe some letterhead and envelopes.  Other than basic office supplies and placing an advertisement in the Embassy newsletter I’m ready to go…

In knitting news, I am about a third of the way finished with the Clapotis (I really dislike that name).  My mom sent me the yarn for my birthday.  I think it is a fun/easy knit.  I’m getting ready to start Section 3, the straight rows so I’ll be using some new techniques which should be fun.

I also signed up for the Ravelympics on Ravelry.  I signed up for the Baby Dressage event (don’t get too excited – I’m not pregnant).  I have been wanting to make a Baby Surprise Jacket (BSJ) for a while now, I ordered the yarn, it’s here so I think this will be the perfect time to take the plunge.  This first jacket will be for Ella Grace.  The yarn I ordered was intended for Lawrence but, well Larry probably wouldn’t be happy if his son was running around in this color so looks like Ella gets the first BSJ.

In Life – Our household items should be here sometime this week.  They are supposed to be arriving in Baku today and we are estimating a few days to go through whatever Customs process and then transporting the boxes to us!  Yeah!  It’s going to be like Christmas, unpacking all that stuff and getting our house set up AT LAST!

I compiled the results of the Asparagus survey and the results were surprising…..pop on over to the original post and take a look at today’s comment for the results.

Lastly, my Old Navy order arrived and surprisingly the pants/jeans fit, but many of the tops do not.  I continue to be baffled by the size of my boobs!  Where did these things come from.  I’m off to work on my return/reorder now.



  1. Heather said,

    Yay for the business! I like the name – hope you get it! What yarn/color are you using for the BSJ? I found that to be a bit of a tricky knit, but that was a while ago – I’m sure you’ll breeze right through! I’m in the Ravelympics too, but in the WIP event and the spinning event – of course! Two “doable” events since this will be the beginning of school for me – for the most part!


  2. sjsmart said,

    The first BSJ is going to be in Essential “Tuscany Multi” – by Knit Picks. The color is definitely not what I thought I ordered for a boy. I thought I ordered Riviera….so this one is going to be for my friend Terri’s daughter Ella Grace. Don’t scare me. I’ve got three of these things to make. Christine swears they are the baby gift to give so I’m trusting her on this! I think my event is “doable”. I just need to find the right buttons. Mom is sending some and I’m going to look at a few places around here to see if MAYBE I can luck out – doubtful though.

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