July 31, 2008

Glamour High Heels

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Participants in a high heel race wait for a start of the event ...

A special thanks to Ruth for giving me the heads up on this event – Moscow’s High Heel Race.  Yep, that’s right.  I swear people, I don’t make this stuff up.  Stilettos are EVERYWHERE in the Soviet Union and post soviet states.  I cannot believe they even have a race dedicated to the them, but apparently this in an annual event with around 100 participants this year and last.

Participants must have heels that are at least 9 centimeters high (3.5 inches).  OUCH!  The winner of the race wins a voucher worth 100,000 rubles which is approximately $4000!  This is double last years prize money.  I don’t think $4000 would even cover the xray, cast and crutches not to mention the rehab and therapy I would need if I even thought about participating in an event like this.

Now from what I saw there was no rule regulating clothing, but apparently the line of thinking for some participants was ‘if you are going to wear heals to a race you might as well wear your littlest black dress or perhaps a nightgown’.

I do have to hand it to this participant, at least she put some thought in to this and taped her shoes to her feet.

 Participants in a high heel race wait for a start of the event ...

And just in case you are just begging to see more here is the video.  GOOD GRIEF!

*editted to add* – The race is 80 meters long (about 262 feet or 80 yards), and although there were some falls, there were no injuries other than pride.  Oh, and no broken heels!  – end of edit*

By the way, our STUFF is here!  I’m almost finished with the unpacking and oohing and ahhing and then I’ll be back online.



  1. Heather said,

    Heh. That’s funny. Kelly Ripa (of Regis and Kelly) did a race here like that, but it was to raise money for charity – so at least there was a good reason to kill your ankles!


  2. yay that your stuff has arrived. i know how wonderful that is!!

    and i say start training now with the high heels and next year, you’ll be ready to take it on!! here it’s kitten heels. all the ladies where kitten heels. with everything. i teeter on those.

  3. Jen D said,

    Glad you got your stuff finally! The race…well…I have no words. Seriously. What is going on?

  4. Carola said,

    This race is funny! I know about it and they run it in Sweden too … LOL

    BTW, Jenn, I have tagged you if you want to play along.

  5. Ruth said,

    My ankles grimace just looking at the pictures. Yes, ankles CAN grimace. I’m glad you posted this story, Jenn. Thanks for researching the distance.

  6. sjsmart said,

    I guess these races are popular all over Europe. Apparently I didn’t get the memo.

  7. Carey said,

    I have the best pair of BCBGirls heels. I would have to try it out at least once.

  8. sjsmart said,

    What if you break one of those heels Carey? Don’t risk it! I will however let you stay with me if you decide to compete in next years race!

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