August 8, 2008

Connections Part 2

Posted in Journal tagged , at 4:14 pm by Jenn

A couple of days ago I wrote about how the internet played a big part in me staying connected to family and friends and today is a perfect example of how grateful I am to “be connected”.

Those of you who read this blog have read before that one of my favorite people on the planet is John Luskey.  John and I have known each other for years and he is an awesome musician.  Some of my best memories (Decoy Lounge, Lagoons, Vic’s, School House Rocks, “are you wearing a dress to the funeral?”) over years either involve John or happened while John was playing/signing music somewhere in the background.  

When I lived in Maryland I enjoyed going to the Millennium Stage shows, not only was it wonderful entertainment, but it was free.  I received a message from John’s mailing list about this June 27th appearance and was bummed that I wouldn’t be home to see it.  Today, I was responding to a message on MySpace and noticed that my friend Elisa had loaded a John Luskey song to her profile and I popped over to Luskey’s MySpace to hear it….that’s when I saw the link to his Kennedy Center appearance, so you see – as I writing this post John Luskey, Jack Bannister and Dwayne Taylor aka The John Luskey Bandare in the window right next to this playing a Kenny Chesney song.  I LOVE IT!  And there’s still 30 minutes of it left!  I’m going to stay tuned and hope he sings “Conjunction Junction“, though this doesn’t seem like the right crowd for that.

OH – And, I just learned that the Millennium Stage shows are broadcast over the internet SO, I will be attending a few of the upcoming shows afterall!  Did I mention how much I LOVE the internet?


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  1. Jen D said,

    I haven’t heard the words Decoy Lounge in a while! I feel like I have been there…but alas NO. What about Colony? So cool you can catch up with your band over the net! LOVE IT!

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