August 17, 2008

The Vegetable Game

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Tonight I reminded myself of the BEST party game of all time.  5-8 people is the perfect recipe for fun.  Alcohol is a plus, but not mandatory, though now that I’m thinking about it I’ve never played this game sober, always at an “after” party so I guess you should at least have a buzz.

The Rules:

Every person pics a vegetable and an adjective for that vegetable for example in a 4 player game you might have Creamed Corn, Leafy Lettuce, Crunchy Carrot and my all time favorite Stewed Tomatoes (Pickled Beets is a good one too). 

Picka person to start, that person says their vegetable and then another persons vegetable….for example the dialouge would be “Creamed Corn and Stewed Tomatoes”, then Stewed Tomatoes would say his/her vegetable and then another persons vegetable (“Stewed Tomatoes and Leafy Lettuce”) and so on until someone messes up. 

When you mess up you drink. 

Oh, and you can’t show your teeth during the game!  LOL!  That’s what makes it so much fun.  Ok, all together now, curl your lips around your teeth and say out loud “Stewed Tomatoes”. 

If you show your teeth you drink. 

Even if it isn’t your turn you can’t show your teeth.  THE WHOLE GAME you have to talk like that. 

See why it’s so much fun?  Sorry for not posting this on a Thursday.  Now you all have to wait til next weekend.  Unless you party like a rock star during the week in which case….go for it.

To all my friends at “Da Beach”.  I miss you P’s.



  1. Jen D said,

    Well, that does sound like fun! I’ll have to introduce this game at Margarita night tomorrow! You know…I have the rock star margarita machine-gotta put it to good use!

  2. one of my favorite drinking games is beetlejuice. it’s easy and everyone passes out early. or at least us light weights do. it goes like this. put beetlejuice in the dvd player. hit play. and everytime beetlejuice is said, every single instance of it, take a shot.

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