September 18, 2008

Naughty Knitter

Posted in Journal at 6:20 pm by Jenn

“Put the knitting needles down mam and no one will get hurt!”

Well it really wasn’t quite that dramatic, but it is a story to be told that’s for sure.

I just returned from a trip from Baku to Frankfurt via Istanbul on Turkish Airlines. I had no problems knitting with my 5 size 2 dps (for you non knitters there are skinny wooden knitting needles that are about 5 or 6 inches long) on the way there. My interchangeable harmony kit which was in my checked luggage did get some questions initially but was fine.

On the return trip however I was not so lucky. I packed the dps and opted to work on a bag with the size 10.5 needles on the 24 inch cord from my kit. No problems what-so-ever with security, but the flight attendant had a MAJOR issue with me knitting about 1.5 hours in to the 3 hour flight.

I told her the needles were not metal they were plastic and she didn’t care. She made me stop knitting. I didn’t raise a fuss because she obviously wasn’t going to budge on her position that these were “a dangerous object that which with force could enter someone’s body and do them harm”. FINE

So for the rest of the flight I ate my meal which was accompanied by a metal fork and KNIFE and worked on Sudoku with my mechanical pencil!

I just finished writing my complaint letter to the airline! I asked for a clarification of their “prohibited items policy” and requested a response. I’ll be surprised if I get one.

So, end result was not as much knitting accomplished on that bag as I had planned, but a great trip with lots of fun pictures and stories to share. Stay tuned.



  1. isn’t it fun to try to figure out airline knitting needle rules… they are all different!

    i hope you get your clarification…

  2. Jen D said,

    Seriously-I cannot believe knitting needles would be permitted on flights. I was told in March that the small bottle of hairspray in my purse needed to be thrown out b/c it was on the “not approved” list. Hairspray. What does one do w/it that is so dangerous?! Needles however…I can see the point.

  3. wineymomma said,

    She said “point”…teehee

    anyway…international travel sounds less and less appealing to me all the time…

    the hairspray wasn’t necessarily the problem but any liquid that could be contained in the bottle…

  4. Jen D said,

    I get that I could put ‘any’ liquid in a bottle and call it hairspray…I wouldn’t but I guess I could if I was a kook…or terrorist… But a needle IS a needle-no disguising that fact- and seems like it should be a no-no. No knitting needles but Knives served with meals…this is one airline that is truly confused!

    So how was the rest of the trip!?

  5. Heather said,

    How funny. You should have handed her the knife and “pointed” out that it was an object that could enter a body with force!!! DUH! I always did think that the problem with knitting needles wouldn’t be what the knitter would do with them (because, let’s face it – if you’re a knitter, your 100% not likely to be a terrorist), but what someone else could do if they snatched it from the knitter! Glad you got a little knitting in!!


  6. Ruth said,

    Good for you for writing to the airline. Welcome back! Missed you. Can’t wait to hear about the trip.

  7. sjsmart said,

    Wineymomma – that was a good one. I was thinking the same thing!

    I guess when you consider all the things that can be considered weapons inside the cabin of a plane it kind of makes you not want to fly. I really think they should just hand out coloring books and crayons and give us all juice boxes with those packs of cheese and crackers when we board that way no utensils needed, and a crayon is much less dangerous than a pen or pencil.

    Can you imagine attempting a sudoku with a crayon? LOL

  8. Jen D said,

    this whole this is rediculous! lol.

  9. Mom said,

    I am not sure why the needle can enter the body bit is a problem. How about the fact that you could behead someone with a good round needle! They never thought about that I guess.

  10. nosupermom said,

    Yeah, or just make a nice garrotte out of a ball of yarn and the knife… 😆

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