September 19, 2008

Geocaching – Frankfurt, Germany

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Scott and I just returned from our trip to Frankfurt where I tried to squeeze in as much geocaching as he would allow!  LOL.

Of the 10 caches I had on my attempt list we were able to find 5.  Not bad for rookies.  One cache had actually been muggled (stolen/missing) so I’m not counting that as a DNF (did not find) because it wasn’t even there to be found!  That didn’t stop us from looking for it though!  LOL

So here’s a run down of the finds:

Gotteshäuser – Dreikönigskirche (Frankfurt) – GC1EDD4 – This was our first find.  Scott and I together with Mom found this one.  Here’s a picture of me and mom near the cache location.

Das Garenthaus – GC10XK8 – I think this was my favorite of the caches because the area where the cache was is so beautiful. 

Watching You #2 Der Christliche – GC1DHBH – this was a fun cache and thanks to the hint we were able to make a very educated guess about the location of the cache.  We narrowed down the possibilities and BINGO!

Jüdischer Friedhof – Frankfurt – GC1533X – Great fun.  A bit tricky, but fun.  You really have to be tall or willing to climb to get this one.  I’m a climber!

Finding Max Horkheimer – GC1BW3A – This one was tough at first, but after reading the hints and a little help from Max we were able to locate it in no time.  VERY TINY!


Baroda – We tried this one twice with no luck.  After reading the log of someone who found the cache after us it seems that when the cache was replaced by a previous finder it was placed just out of fingers reach….maybe on my next trip to Germany I’ll be able to locate this one.

Eagle Eye –  This cache is probably in one of the busiest sections of the city…the bus stop in the center of the city.  We were able to do several brief searches but no real deep searching because of all the people.  I will be attempting this one on my next trip as well.  I know it’s there and now I’ve GOT TO FIND IT!

Industrial Wasteland Frankfurt Ost – this was probably the most disappointing of all the caches.  Not only did we not find it the area was absolutely disgusting and dirty with trash.  It is near an old/abandoned factory of some sort and there is a lot of construction going on in the area.  I wouldn’t try this one again, in fact I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

Simon says: Zum Wasserpark – This one has me puzzled.  I looked twice on the same day with no luck.  The park is beautiful and the buildings here are really interesting.  The cache is very well concealed because I gave the place a THOROUGH check.  Until I saw the mouse that is.  Then I didn’t stick around very long.  The mouse sighting was on my second attempt though so I’d guess about an hour was spent looking altogether.

Coo Coo for Caching Geocoin – this is the first tracking item that I’ve placed.  I placed it in my first find  GC1EDD4, and by the time I got back to the hotel to log the drop someone had already picked the coin up.  The coin is now in a new home, it’s second cache and hopefully on it’s way to reaching the goal.

And here’s a picture of the Bull and Bear or the real name Simon Says: rauf und runter – GC143X8
 – in Frankfurt just outside of the financial district area…fitting given the recent crisis in the US.  We suspected the cache was muggled, but we looked for it anyway, and it was a great photo op.

All in all it was a good trip.  Germany has THOUSANDS of caches waiting to be discovered.  I’ll be heading to the Landstuhl area in a few weeks and plan on putting a new set of batteries in my GPS for that trip.  What a fun sport.


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  1. kariola said,

    I love that you and Scott have become so fascinated with geocaching. I also love that I have been able to see some images of you lately, so I can put a face to the name! Thanks for sharing!

    Hubby and I actually put the travel bug out there yesterday. The cache hasn’t been approved yet, though so we’ll see how long that takes. I named him “Hurtle the Turtle” – hopefullly hurtling across the globe. Mission in life is to find as many ravelers as possible 🙂 It’s going to be interesting to follow him around the globe. I do hope someone finds him and brings him abroad soon! 🙂 Although, a few swedish caches first would be nice too!

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