September 20, 2008

Give me a BREAK!

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Today is my first real day back in Baku and already we have drama. Have I mentioned lately how much I don’t like living here?

So today I took Max for his afternoon potty break outside on the “grass” as I usually do. It was about 5:00 there were a few kids out there. They love Max and roll around with him and he licks them and lets them love on him. The kids love it and Max loves it. The kids Mom came over and chatted with me for a few minutes, then they were off to shopping. I went next door to get the sunglasses that I left at our neighbors’ apartment when we went for dinner last night and on the way back to my apartment I noticed a new piece of paper on the bulletin board. It said something like this –

Dear Tenants

We have recently found dog droppings in front of “Block B” and in the “grassy pond”. It is your responsibility to clean up after your pet. There are many children who play in the grassy pond on the swings and see saws. You will no longer be allowed to walk your pet on the premises.

I thought, hmmm. Then I got mad. Where I am supposed to walk my dog? In the park down the street? Oh, you mean the block long patch of dust and concrete where there are hypodermic needles, broken glass, and sheep shit? Not to mention the fact that it is across the street which means I would be risking my life to take my dog to the bathroom 3-4 times a day. 2 times of which it’s dark outside, I’m an American living in a foreign country and I’m female. Did I mention the pack of wild dogs that roams our neighborhood procreating like there is no tomorrow? Oh and did I mention that I saw a man who had bled out and died on the street just up from the park a few weeks ago from his stab wound? Yeah. I’m not walking my dog off this property!

I called the people who handle housing for us at Scott’s work and basically was told that they couldn’t do anything for us. They suggested the park. I told them that wasn’t an option. I then spoke to a neighbor who has a dog and she said that she had heard about the notice and that they would be taking their dog out to the back of the building. We sometimes take Max there to avoid the children while he’s trying to take care of his business so this isn’t really a big deal for us either.

SO, this evening when I went to take Max out for his potty break, I avoid the “grassy pond” and took him to the back of the building. While I was back there I was approached by one of the security guards who informed me of the notice. I told him that I read it. He look confused. I told him that I didn’t feel safe leaving the property and explained to him my reasons. He understood, though told me that mgmt had given security instructions to enforce the rule. I told him that I understood that he was doing his job, but that I wasn’t leaving the property. I also told him that I would only bring Max out back and that I would not let him use the bathroom in the “grassy pond”. This seemed to satisfy him but he did say that if mgmt said anything that he would have to tell them that I refused. I told him that this would be fine.

The guards here are really nice and I don’t have a problem with them doing their jobs, in fact they do a wonderful job of protecting our property and monitoring traffic coming in and out. I do have a problem with the mgmt telling us that we can’t walk our dogs on the premises….meaning the entire property. The request for the dogs not to use the play area as a potty is understandable….although why anyone would want their child to play barefoot or their infant to crawl around on the ground in this filthy country is BEYOND me. I think that they need to give us a designated place for dogs, or make this a no pet property!

I understand that the expats here are really the only people with dogs as pets. The local people really only have dogs for security and they stay outside. They don’t understand that our animals are like our families. I really hope this blows over, but if it doesn’t I hope that no one is surprised when I pack my dog up and go home!

They’d really have a fit in Germany where the dogs are allowed in the restaurants! On our last night of vacation we ate dinner at the table next to the cutest dog. His owner was hanging out with friends. The dog had a nice big plate of mashed potatoes for dinner! It was awesome.



  1. Charles Laster said,

    I’m glad Azerbaijan has taken care of its real problems, including the scary post-Putin Russia, so they can concentrate on the real menace–pooping dogs!

  2. sjsmart said,

    Yeah, they are a bit bassackwards around here!

  3. wineymomma said,

    What a miserable pain! I cannot even begin to imagine.

  4. Ruth said,

    What a difficult situation ….. I’m sorry you’re going through that. Yet, you still managed to make me smile with news of the cute dog having mashed potatoes in a restaurant. Thanks!
    Please give Max a hug for me. Good luck!

  5. Mom said,

    Poor Max-can’t even potty!!Would you like me to send you a porta-potty-scooper with bags attached? Saw it at 4 seasons last week.

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