September 22, 2008

I’m Into Dyeing

Posted in Journal, Purls of Wisdom tagged , , , , at 9:25 pm by Jenn

You start with this

and end with this

using this

FUN!  Now I just have to wind it in to center pull balls and then turn it in to a pair of socks.  Gee, I wonder how long that will take? 

I’m going to try some other techniques…onion skins and spinach for starters!  : )  Yes I know.  I’m a geek.  I wanted to do wine, but that’s just a waste of good wine…besides, I’ve read the color turns brown with time.  Brown is a nice color, but I’d rather drink the wine I think.



  1. wineymomma said,


  2. i love brown. but would certainly rather drink wine than dye with it.

    and i second winey – WOW!!

  3. Mom said,

    I wound mine with difficulty as you can only do one strip across and then the next as it catches on each end. Heather says you are to knit two at once and you will be fine. Maybe you should try the double knitting!!!

  4. Carola said,

    I just read your info for the Hot cocoa swap, and I’m like … god, I want to put together a swap package for Jenn.

    Wanna do a swap? Outside of any organized things, I mean?

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