October 18, 2008

The Birds!

Posted in Journal tagged , , , , at 3:32 pm by Jenn

Today I’m cleaning up my computer and uploading a LOT of pictures to my Web Albums for fear of losing them forever when/if my computer crashes.  I came across a few pictures and mini movie that I took at my parents house several years ago and they reminded me that before there was Oprah there was the 4:00 movie. 

I can’t remember all the specifics whether it came on everyday, once a week or what, but I do remember two movies that used to scare the crap out of me!  The first one was in the Trilogy of Terror.  There was this little voodoo guy with a huge knife that comes to life, hacks his way out of a suitcase and proceeds to terrorize this poor woman inside her apartment.  Here’s a picture of the voodoo doll that to this day gives me the heebie jeebies!  

Trilogy terrorSEDVD.jpg

The second movie was The Birds.  This one was directed by Alfred Hitchcock and it just really used to scare the shit out of me as a kid because I could really picture this happening.  There were so many birds around where my parents lived.

Anyway, one day at my parents house I had flashbacks to The Birds when I was sitting in my parents living room and heard a lot of noise outside.  I looked out the window toward the backyard and saw this


then I looked out the front door and saw this

and to the trees and saw this

I couldn’t believe how many birds there were or how LOUD they were.  That’s when against my better judgement I made this video.

I was SO SCARED when I was taking this I couldn’t even believe that I managed to stay out there for one full minute.  I was TERRIFIED!



  1. Ruth said,

    Wow!! That’s crazy! I wonder what was happening in nature to make the birds swarm that way. I never knew that could really happen.

    And we must have seen the exact same broadcast of the Trilogy of Terror. I’ll never forget it. EEK EEK EEK EEK. I really don’t like small dogs because of that little doll. And the microwave ending…..YUCK!!

  2. Jenn said,

    It was so bizarre Ruth! Oh my GOD, I totally forgot about the microwave. LOL – EEK EEK EEK EEK. That’s exactly how I describe the noise. I don’t mind small dogs as long as they don’t carry knives! ; )

  3. Mom said,

    The birds are doing that today for the first time this fall. It was very noisy outside when Zac and I went to school. It shouldn’t e as bad in the backyard this year as no tree anymore.

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