November 4, 2008

The Soviet Sinatra and Two Regular Guys

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Muslim Magomayev, an Azerbaijan born singer/entertainer died last week from heart problems.  He had been living in Moscow but was buried in Baku.  I had never heard of him and was curious about his talent so I did what anyone else would have done.  I “youtube’d” him and came up with several fascinating videos of his performances.  He had a wonderful voice.  I was particularly entertained by this video/song.  The title in Russian  “Город Мой Баку” means “My Baku City”.  This had to have been filmed in the 1970’s judging by the clothes.  I was surprised that I recognized the Fountain Square area of the city…it is much changed today, as I show in this post (see if you can recognize any of the buildings/statues)…or this post ( in Muslim’s video he is going the opposite direction past the “wall of the Old City”….he’d never accomplish that today in the seconds it took back then).

The locals are truly saddened by his death and I can see why…his talent was remarkable!  Check out his Hello Dolly, My Way and Old Man River and finally, I Could Have Danced All Night.

And on a personal note I was deeply saddened today to learn of the recent deaths of two of my former patients who lost their battles with kidney disease.  Gerald D. and Gary W. you will live forever in my heart.


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