November 5, 2008

I’m it again

Posted in Journal tagged at 7:57 am by Jenn

Where is your mobile? In my office, on the charger.

Where is your significant other? In bed, it’s 6:44am here.

Your hair colour? Dark brown.

Your mother? Working the polls, she’s an election judge.

Your father?  My best guess is that he’s in the basement at his house either watching the election coverage or some sci fi show or John Wayne.

Your favourite things? My favorite things are listed were posted here last January.  Since then I’ve changed my mind on a couple of items.

#6 – Sean John is no longer on my list of favorite things.  Now I’m leaving Amazing Grace as the only fragrance on my favorite list.   I’d like to replace my #6 with Daal – since I’ve been living in Azerbaijan I’m not eating as much meat now, because, well because I live in Azerbaijan.  I’m eating a lot more beans.  Daal is basically mashed lentils with fresh herbs and spices served over rice.

#8  – Mississippi State Cheese – Well it was good while it lasted, but if I had a choice today I’d choose Cabot’s Extra Sharp Cheddar without batting an eye.

I’d also like to add a #10 – Ravelry.  This website has quite possibly saved my sanity (sort of) over the past year.  I’ve made a lot of new friends and even met a few.  I’ve been able to brainstorm and get help from knitters all over the world and it’s the best place to go when I feel like “knitting a hat today”.  Ravelry ROCKS!

Your dream last night?  Something related to the election I’m sure, but I can’t remember.

Your dream/goal?  To return to the US and my real life.

The room you’re in?  My office, where so far I’ve done no work.  I do spend a considerable amount of time in here mostly surfing the net, on Facebook and Ravelry.

Your hobby? Knitting.

Your fear?  I seem to have a lot these days.  Loss of a parent seems pretty high on the list.

Where do you want to be in 6 years?  Living in a van down by the river.

Where were you last night?  At home gearing up for the big election coverage.  In bed early so that I could get up at 4am and watch the coverage.  Start. to. finish.

What your not? Working

One of your wishlist items? Wii Fit

Where you grew up? Upper Marlboro, MD.

What are you wearing? Burnt orange turtleneck and dark brown cords.

Your TV?  Which one…for two people we sure do have a lot of TV’s.  The LR one is a Sony Flat Screen, I don’t know how many inches, but it’s big.

Your Pets?  Max the Dog, spaniel mix, age 3+

You computer? Pieced together from various sources, Hard drive is a HP Compaq that is on it’s last legs.

Your mood? Excited, Anxious, Optimistic, Hopeful

Missing someone? All my friends and family back home.

Your car?  Subaru Outback – 2007

Something you’re not wearing?  Shoes or slippers.

Favourite store? and (lifesavers when you live overseas)

Your Summer? Hopefully at the beach with my family.

Love someone?  Of course

Favourite colour? Today blue!  Usually greens and purples and autumn colors.

When is the last time you laughed?Today watching stupid youtube videos…especially the Hillary/Obama – Umbrella one.  Oh, and the Obama song!  How ridiculous.

When is the last time you cried? Last night.

I tag my sister at Knits and Things.



  1. Christine said,

    Love your new setup! I got a Raveler + her friend here–she brought some handspun (geeeeee!).

  2. Nadine said,

    Your my kinda girl – Burnt orange and brown cords – so hot! .. a van by the river, nice. Love the new colours and the funky girl up there – that’s a bit how I see myself in my minds eye 😉 cept I’m a bit more of a chunkier version these days.

    All us Aussie love Obama – we’re so STOKED with the result. Kevin Rudd’s brilliant too so things are really looking up in the World.

  3. sjsmart said,

    Christine and Nadine – I’m getting there with this blog. It’s a continuous work in progress. I love the background now, but I don’t really like the post and comment boxes. The girl is kind of funky isn’t she….I want her to stay there, but I wish she was wearing a mini skirt with a turtleneck, had straight bangs, was walking her dog in the park and of course…wearing stilettos. I’ll get there eventually. I need a layout designer.

    Christine – handspun = good. I hope to begin spinning on Christmas day!

    Nadine – I love those yummy fall colors! The living in a van down by the river was kind of a joke, but it would be nice wouldn’t it! I forgot to say that you tagged me….Nadine tagged me ya’ll!

  4. Mom said,

    Dad and I have to many things left to do. Don’t count us out yet!!!!!!

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