November 12, 2008

Dog Days

Posted in Journal, Max's World tagged , , at 9:54 pm by Jenn

Well it looks like Max is going to need another trip to the vet.  MUCH. TO. MY. DISMAY!  He is shaking his head back and forth and scratching at his right ear.  He lets me look in it and I can’t see anything and it doesn’t stink.  I’m not sure what’s going on, but whatever it is it is obviously bothering him.  Don’t get me wrong, he isn’t laying around in pain….the dog is his usual whacky, running around driving me crazy self.  He just has to stop now and then to scratch his ear.

I’m not looking forward to returning to the vet I used last time.  I don’t really have much choice though.  Max’s shot passport is there so I’ll have to return at some point to pick that up.  I guess I may as well use this guy again since he is already familiar with the dog and the ear condition right?  I wonder if there is any way I can get him to tell me what he is doing to the dog before he does it?  I definitely think he was given too much “narcotic” last time.  I mean they didn’t even weigh him…how did they know how much to give.

We’ll see.  I’ll call tomorrow and see what they say.  I do have a back up vet JUST IN CASE.

In other dog news, it appears that we have a few stray cats living on our apartment compound now.  Max is fascinated by them.  We now have to spend a LOT of time in the front of the building so that he can sit on the sidewalk and stare the cats down.  Even if they aren’t there he will still sit and wait…patiently.  Me, I’m not so patient.



  1. Ruth said,

    Oh, Jenn— good luck. At the risk of sounding like someone I don’t want to sound like, the truth is: I’m sending up some big prayers for Max & you & the vet & staff. This next visit has got to go better, right? Will keep the prayers flowing.

  2. Jen D said,

    Fingers crossed! 😉

  3. how nerve wracking! maybe it will go better this time. hopefully!

  4. sjsmart said,

    I’m still putting it off. Friday he wasn’t shaking or scratching at all…today (Saturday still fine)…keepign fingers crossed.

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