November 15, 2008

233rd United States Marine Corps’ Birthday Ball

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I thought I should go ahead and post early this morning as I will be spending the majority of the day making preparations to attend the big event, the 233rd United States Marine Corps Birthday Ball.  You can find the history of the event here.

Every Marine command across the country celebrates this event each year.  The first year I attended the ball I was touched by the traditions that are carried out.  Each year I look forward to the presentation of the cake.  I love it when they announce the birth year of the oldest and youngest Marines.

Overseas the atmosphere surrounding the Birthday Ball is a lot different than it is in the States.  Here many people seem to think it is an Embassy event which I think is a shame.  The is not the Embassy’s Birthday Ball, it is the Marine Corps’ Birthday Ball. 

Planning the ball is a lot of extra work for the Marines…they are the ones who actually plan it…EVERY detail.  In all honesty they could just have the event at the Marine House, read the required Article and messages (including the Commandant’s message), do the cake cutting ceremony and be done with it.  They have a ball because they are proud of their traditions and they want to share these traditions with the rest of us.  They do it for us.  I hope at the end of the evening people realize this.


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  1. Mom said,

    How wonderful-at the new Gaylord. I, of course,have not been but am told it is really beautiful. Hope you had a great time.

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