November 18, 2008

C is for COOKIE!

Posted in Journal tagged , , , at 3:44 pm by Jenn

When I was in the states one of the things that I really loved to do around the holidays was make cookies.  I have a couple of really good recipes that I’ve made for the past 3 or 4 years in a row.  Right before I moved from Maryland to North Carolina I had a cookie exchange and it was a lot of fun. 

So, since I’m so bored here in Baku and really want to get in to the holiday spirit I decided that I would host a cookie exchange and extend my invitation to the women at the US Embassy.  My original thought was to limit the number of participants to 12, but I didn’t want to exclude anyone who might want to participate so I left it open.  The response that I had was great.  There will be 16 participants.  Since there are SO MANY of us I decided that everyone will bake 1/2 dozen cookies for each participant, one dozen for the party and one dozen (if they want to) for the Marines.  It actually works out better this way because now we only have to bake around 9 1/2 dozen cookies instead of 13 dozen.

Here’s the invitation I sent out…

A little sugar and a lot of fun!

I’m having a Holiday Cookie Exchange so please plan to come.

Leave the kids at home, come take a break.

Enjoy a fun filled afternoon, you deserve it for goodness sake!


Hosted by: Jenn Smart

* Date: Saturday, December 13th *

Time: 2-4pm

Place: Jenn’s place




  • The Dietitian will be officially off duty during the party, (in other words, I won’t analyze your cookie if you don’t analyze mine!)
  • All cookies must be homemade.
  • No duplicates…RSVP as soon as you can. Let me know what kind of cookie you will be baking
  • No Chocolate Chip Cookies or Rice Krispie Treats (unless you talk to me and convince me that your cookie/treat is EXTRA special).
  • Please bring copies of your cookie recipe to share.
  • After RSVP’s I will contact you to let you know how many cookies to make (ex. 1/2 dozen per person plus a dozen to enjoy during the party)
  • Pre-package cookies to be handed out and arrange the cookies to be enjoyed on a platter or basket (be creative!)
  • Holiday attire encouraged.
  • No husbands or kids.
  • There will be prizes! 

RSVP: by October 17th with your cookie type to **** ,

 or by phone to ***-***-****

I had a red border and some Christmas cookie ornaments across the top, it was very festive.  I did decide to change the no chocolate chip rule.  I mean, we aren’t in the US so people would probably love to have a good chocolate chip cookie right?  I know I would…so I baked a batch today.  Once I got thinking about my post for the day I just couldn’t get them out of my mind….MUST. HAVE. CHOCOLATE. CHIP. COOKIES.

And because of all this cookie talk it reminded me of this oldie, but goodie.  Enjoy!


  1. oh, i want to come! i’ve been thinking of doing one myself. but rethought it since we will be shifting house about that time…

    love your invite!

  2. Mom said,

    You make me laugh way over there! I am baking cookies today-sour cream and oatmeal raisin.

  3. Jen D said,

    Love that you got the cookie exchange going there AND have always loved that clip!! Claire and I love it and have sung that tune w/cookie monster over and over through he 4+years!!! LOL. Thanks!

  4. Heather said,

    Hey sis. {hugs} first of all. And second – I wanna come to the cookie exchange!!! I wanted to do one here, but haven’t even talked about it yet. Plus, I have NO business looking for dozens of holiday cookies to arrive in my house! As if my rear end needed to grow any more! I’ll leave that to those who can afford it (you).


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