November 19, 2008

Education of an Expat

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Tonight I was souvenir shopping with a friend who was in town.  We were walking along “Smelly Alley” which is a popular place to go for Baku souvenir items.  We were looking for a shot glass that had the Maiden Tower on it.  Surprisingly we were NOT able to locate this item, but we were shown just about every other shot glass in Baku.  At one point the man who worked one of the stalls was showing me crystal tea glasses.  He remarked that “your President drank tea out of a glass like this when he visited Baku”…I said, “George Bush?”  He kind of pursed his lips, made a psst sound and said, “No, NEW president, Obama”.  He then went on to say that Obama had visited here in 2005….”Good Man, Obama”. 

Someone, anyone PLEASE before Bush leaves office ask him to say Azerbaijan and then ask him to find it on a map.

When I came home I did my usual google search and sure enough, in 2005 Obama visited Ukraine, Russia and Azerbaijan with a Senior Senator.  Here’s a link to the article, which is actually pretty interesting. 

I also found another interesting site tonight called  Legistorm is fascinating to me.  Here you can look up all sorts of information about how our elected representatives spend public money.  Check it out.  I think it’s interesting that President Elect Obama received a rug from Azerbaijan’s President as a gift.  The rugs here are beautiful.  I’d love to see a picture of it and I’d rather receive a rug than a vial of water from the Caspian any day!   




  1. Heather said,

    Heh. Bet he can’t find it OR pronounce it.

    I like that article on Obama’s visit. Especially the part where a reporter mentioned Luger’s 1996 presidential campaign and he (Luger) quickly said – “nah, that’s for Barak now, I’m through.” So prophetic!


  2. jeremy said,

    I am desperately searching for a shot glass of Baku–where, oh where, is smelly alley? Please help me!!!

    I emailed you with directions to the “alley”

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