November 23, 2008

Not So Silent Sunday

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Well maybe just a few words.  Today Scott and I walked around the Old City/Fountain Square area with some friends, searching for “Twilight” (no luck) and a yarn store.  We came across one DVD store that had all kinds of old American movie classics.  I was hoping to find my favorite, “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father”, but no luck…I did manage to pick up “The Apartment” with Jack Lemmon and Shirley McLaine.  I have never seen it, but with those two I’m sure I’ll have a few good laughs.

We also came across a….wait for it…

A MICROBREWERY!  Yep…right here in Baku.  Apparently they brew their beer by the same standards of the German Purity Law.  I’m not so sure I buy that, but I will be buying several more Dunkel brews during my time in Baku.  Amen!

If the weather is nice tomorrow I’m going to venture out to the Old City on foot.  I realized last week that the city isn’t really all that big on foot…it just takes forever to get anywhere in a car because of the traffic.   I want to venture back to the crazy yarn store and then maybe hit yarn store #2 again…they didn’t have a great selection of yarn, but they had a HUGE button selection and some awesome beads that when and if I ever get around to knitting a fancy shawl, these beads would be perfect.  I’m sure they are fairly inexpensive too.  The ridiculous prices don’t seem to have hit the yarn, beads and buttons yet.  Last week I bought 10 buttons for around 80 Qapik…that’s about 1 US dollar, and today I purchased one skein of black wool/acrylic blend, 200+ yards for 1.80, that’s about 2 US dollars. 

I think the man in the yarn store today was impressed with my Russian.  His English was very good, but still I asked for my fibers in Russian…hey, these words I know, I’m going to use them.  He also taught me the word for button…because I asked…KaK parooski button? I wish I could remember what he told me…pooga something…I think.  I’ll ask Irena tomorrow.

I started wrapping giftmas presents today.  I have the stuff for my family ready to go, and we’ve got just a few last minute things for Scott’s family and then we are FINISHED! 



  1. Mom said,

    I thought I had all of our gifts wrapped. But Molly really liked the ball I had gotten for Max.. Now I need a new ball for Max!!!! The colors weren’t very manly anyway.

  2. Jessica said,

    I can’t believe how amazingly prepared you are for the Christmas season. You are finishing before I’ve even started. Sick.

  3. sjsmart said,

    I mailed my packages out this week, but I do still have some things to finish that won’t be arriving in time for the holidays.

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