November 29, 2008

I’m OUT!

Posted in Journal at 2:29 pm by Jenn

Yesterday was the day it happened…I FAILED.  I thought with no life, certainly I would be able to post for 30 days in a row…WRONG!

Yesterday, the day after Thanksgiving I did what I would have done if I was home in the States…I watched QVC.  Not TV QVC, but online QVC.  Thanks to internet technology I was able to sit right here in front of my computer with my knitting and watch QVC, item by item for HOURS.  I totally forgot about the posting.

I even had put thought in to what I would post about…the airport bazaar.  I went yesterday with Scott and Vangie.  It was MUCH better this time.  It helps if you actually go to the airport bazaar and not to what you think is the airport bazaar as we had done before. 

This bazaar was like nothing I had seen before.  Row, after row, stall after stall of purses.  Big purses, small purses, black purses, purple purses, fake purses, real purses, clean purses, dusty purses.  You name it.  There were MILLIONS to choose from…no really MILLIONS!  I wish I had remembered that I had my camera in my purse.  I was amazing. 

We went in search of pashmina shawls.  They have a great selection there and for prices that just can’t be beat.  I found great deals (well Vangie did) for 1 manat a piece for large scarves that I’ll use as Christmas decoration and then 60 qapik for a tie scaves.  I’ll use those in my china cabinet for a little bit of color here and there.  BEAUTIFUL.  I also purchased some pashminas to keep on hand for times when I need a last minute gift. 

I was hoping to find yarn.  There has to be yarn there…somewhere, but I couldn’t find it.  I’ll keep asking and see what I can find out.  I did find a nice surprise though…linen kitchen towels.  In Belarus they make the most awesome linen towels.  I purchased several of them while I lived in Belarus and wished I had purchased more.  They get so soft and absorbant when they are washed.  They are my favorite kitchen towels.  They day before I had sent a message to my friend Dana who is still in Belarus telling her that I would trade her $20 in linen towels for $20 in pashminas.  There was one stall at the bazaar that had linen towels, the designs looked familiar and after inspecting the tag I found that they were made at the same factory in Belarus….JACKPOT.  They were reasonably priced so I bought 12 of them.  I wish I’d bought more…LOL.  I’m sure we’ll be going back.  There was still so much of the bazaar that we didn’t see.  I have to go back.  This time to take pictures, purchase more pashminas, linen towels and to find that yarn!

Here are a few pictures that I found on the internet…this will give you an idea of what the bazaar is like.  By the way, I will NEVER go to the bazaar on the weekend.

Bread Salaesman at the Bazaar by vagabondblogger.

Ok, picture this.  It’s a windy day in Baku, dust, dirt and trash are blowing about.  It’s getting colder outside.  Flu season is in full swing.  People are coughing, sneezing and walking about and here comes a cart of bread.  Yep fresh bread.  Bread that you are supposed to purchase after it’s been pulled all around the bazaar in and out of crowds of people some of who touch the bread while attempting to choose the perfect loaf.  GROSS!  I would never buy this bread.

Food Sellers at the Bazaar, Baku. by vagabondblogger.

Ok, not all of the guys use carts, some use these trays.  Same deal.  GROSS!

Hat Shop, Airport Bazaar, Baku. by vagabondblogger.

This is a hat stall, but picture this as purses….hundreds of purses….about 100 stalls in a row.  Both sides of the aisle.  INSANE.  How many purses do they need in Azerbaijan?  How many HATS?

These pictures look like they were taken outside.  I don’t know if these stalls still exist.  They may, the airport bazaar is now in two sections.  We only covered a portion of one section yesterday.  The portion we were in was in makeshift warehouse type things.  Still dusty, still dirty.  We were at least out of the direct wind.

I’m going to try to finish out my 30 day pledge.  I mean come on, it was the day after Thanksgiving…the airport bazaar and QVC…I couldn’t fit it in!



  1. Jen D said,

    I wish I could go with…I’d buy, oh I’d buy!!!

  2. Jen D said,

    well,not the bread!

  3. sjsmart said,

    Definitely not the bread. There are better places to buy the bread. Of course it gets to these places usually in the back of a car and then is handled by lord only knows who….so you might as well buy from this guy. Of course seeing it on the shelf in a store means it’s SAFE! : )

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